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I study arts at the university of Frankfurt/ Germany. At the moment I’m working on my final exam dealing with computer games and youth cultures.
One of the games I am writing about is the PS2 game Xena-the warrior princess. It wolud be nice if you could answer me by looking at the game and not at the tv-series, even if you like them more.

You could help me a lot by using five minutes of your time to answer the following questions:

1. Are you associating yourself with a youth culture /Subculture? (like Gothic, Metal, HipHop, Techno, Emo etc.)
If so – which one?

2. What do you like most in the game?

3. What’s your favourite character in the game? And why?

4. What do you like most of Xena, the main character?

5. Do you think that the game addresses a specific youth culture/subculture?
If so - Which one and why?

6. What do you think would be different if the main character would be male instead of being female?

7. Do you think the game would be more / less interesting if it wouldn’t make use of elements from youth cultures/subcultures?

8. Do you recognize elements of your own youth culture /subculture?

9. Which image of females is being transported through xena?

Please copy the questions and your answers into an email and send it to

Thanks for your participation. And of course – all information from this survey will be anonymized.
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Scroll Desperado
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i'd answer your survey (i am god of surveys aftersall) but i dun like computer games. i has to put up with stoopid co-employee/employer mind games everyday and so i want nuthin to do with games if i don't have to. But to answer your 1st question, i do consider myself my own sub-culture. Or maybe it's that i'm a sicko-culture grown from a petri dish. Hmmmm. i gets them two cultures confuzzled easily.

Good luck on your survey. Ya got a survey on music? i loves music.
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Chief Chesty Forlock
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I can't help you either as I've never owned a PS2.


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Can't help ya

You're trying to figure me out?...I'm flattered
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