The weekend I met Lucy Lawless

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13 August 2017, 10:09 PM
The weekend I met Lucy Lawless
A couple of years ago we had a comiccon type of event in Australia called Supanova.

It was held on the Gold Coast, near Brisbane.

Lucy Lawless was attending. So, according to the Lucy Law, you can't call yourself a Xenite if you don't travel to meet her.

So off Ares and I went.

It was a bit of a perfect storm for us because we like Buffy, Firefly, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and 2001 A Space Oddysee, and actors from all of those shows were to be in attendance, along with Mini Me AND THE ORIGINAL BIONIC WOMAN.

We decided to get VIP passes, which let you get early access to all areas.

We were waiting in line to get our photo taken with Lucy Lawless. There was a couple in front of us, but the woman said she was too nervous to go in first, and asked if we would. Sure!

As we walked through the door some crazy person, who had been hiding round the corner, jumped out at us and screamed, "BOO!"

I tell you it shocked the hell out of me.

Guess who it was? Only Xena herself.

We asked her if she would do a pose with us where she looked "epic", and gave us the warrior hand shake, which she was glad to accommodate.

The next day we went back to get a second photo.

I jumped out at her from around the door this time ... but it didn't phase her one little bit.

I said I was trying to get her back for yesterday and she said, "Oh that's right. You're the uber fans." I swear I died a little inside.

We got her to sign a Xena photo, with the line "I have many skills", and I also got her to sign my "Die Gabby Die" badge, which a lot of the cast have now autographed.

She was fascinated by how many different people had written on it, particularly Tsianina Joelson.

I guess that isn't one of the more common Xena autographs.

We got to chat to her for quite a long while at the signing table as there weren't many people around. Mostly just talked about Spartacus, and how I had bought a dress she signed.

She was at the VIP party on the Saturday night, but we elected to chat with the Bionic Woman instead.

My love for Xena is strong, but I have loved the Bionic Woman far longer.

So that's my LL story. I love that her signature is right on top of the GabChak.


15 October 2017, 04:18 PM
Free Madness
How cool is that!!!! Big Grin

The Bionic Woman was the first powerful woman with abilities I ever saw in my life. WHAT a cool change from Cinderella and Rapunzel, lol! Razz

What really got me was her ability to jump from really high distances and land on her feet. and that strength!!!

Lucy sounds like fun. I love hearing about actresses who don't take it too seriously and can have fun with fans, jumping out and yelling "boo" and all.

Anyway, glad you had a great time. Best to you and Ares!!!!

"Ultimately, the truth will come out in all of this and I will be standing on the right side of the roaring rapids. I hope other people will be too. I know the truth and if I had to walk away from all of it today, the job, the career, all of it, and go toodle-oo, then fine."

~~Johnny Depp.

17 December 2017, 01:13 PM
That's great, Argy, to meet Lucy and get pics taken with her.

i can't help but notice you and Ares also have Gabrielle on your t-shirts. Is that because you couldn't find a Xena only short or maybe you're both secret Gabby fans, hmmm?
08 June 2018, 01:44 PM
I wanted a ringer style Xena shirt and the only one available had Scabby on it.

It's OK, I've burned it now.