RXVE Sins of the Past Epsidoe 101

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02 September 2011, 11:04 PM
Smirk Morgan
RXVE Sins of the Past Epsidoe 101
Let the chakram fly....

04 September 2011, 01:22 AM
A mass murderess in ancient Greece seeks redemption! Neat concept. Xena once lead an army that attacked villages & i guess she killed & had lots of innocent people killed. Hopefully they'll tell more on her back story as the show develops.

By changing her ways, does she turn herself over to the authorities? No. Does she become a doctor, teacher or take up some peaceful occupation? No. She seems to go from evil warrior to good warrior (though we only see evil in flashbacks at the beginning of the ep). It's all well & good to set your own rules on how you're gonna pay for your crimes (a life long payment, of course) but i do like the redemption issue. Even if she had only killed one person she would forever be seeking redemption as it's something she can never obtain while living. Plot-wise, it's much better this way than making her someone who wanted to be a good warrior all along or someone who's only avenging a wrong (then she'd be just another Red Sonja).

i suppose this Gabrielle person is another lead character. She claims to be different & not the little girl her folks want her to be. Well, why hasn't she already left her village if that existence is so dull to her? Maybe her innocence is what Xena needs around her as she turns her own life around & tries to keep herself from going bad again. Beyond that, i dunno. Maybe they'll drop the Gabrielle character.

The action scenes were good & didn't smother what turned out to be a good story. All in all it's an excellent debut ep & i'll stick around for the next one.
05 September 2011, 03:38 PM
C'mon, scrollers, post yer opinions RXVE-wise on this ep! Don't make me come 'n hunt ya down!
05 September 2011, 07:30 PM
I thought it was this week it started and we post by the weekend coming? to keep in parallel to the original airing dates?

but thats ok, i'm watching it tonight, so i'll post in the next 24 hours

06 September 2011, 04:57 AM
it's really pretty scenery and i like the background music too

this woman on a horse, i assume she's xena cause thats tha name of the show, i wonder if she's really a princess she doesn't have a

hey she's stripping, it's not gunna be like porn is it?

the brunette in the middle is pulling funny faces, and the kiwi accents gobrielle, what a funny name.

the xena chick has a funny noise she makes when shes fighting, it makes me laugh. oh no they have her cornered she can't die in the first ep!!

draco another runny name.. and yup she's xena, she just said to say hello, how nice.

this gobrielle girl seems to talk alot. and the men all wear funny hats

this xena has pretty eyes though. and oh draco is played by a guy who used to do a kids show over here called not used to seeing him with no shirt

hmm maybe she's nto good, she's getting cosy with this bad guy, i think he's loves her. i hope he's in every episode, he's cool

there she is some weird names in this show, lila, perdicus, draco.

haha this big guy has no eyes. i can't make sense if this zena is good or bad... hmm

lol at some of the gymnasticy stunts she is doing, i wonder if it is her or a stunt double

i wish i could cut the blood supply to someones brain

same thought as before, this gobrielle can talk and talk

seems xena has gone home... i wonder if we get to see her parents

Frown her mum isn't happy to see her. but more men in funny hats

gobrielle talking alot yet again

hahaha this fight up on the scaffolding is funny.. very entertaining, and now on these poor peoples heads... lol

aries? thats a starsign.. why would they want the head of that?

yay her mum forgives her, i'm so happy!

naaww and gobrielle and zena are friends how nice.

the end

06 September 2011, 05:46 PM
Originally posted by Michelle:
to keep in parallel to the original airing dates?

Original airing dates??? Confused
06 September 2011, 07:52 PM
someone, maybe nora commented about that? i dunno

but i'm done now, that's all that matters :P

i wonder what episode 2 will bring us?

08 September 2011, 04:57 PM
so where's our other reviewers? Nora? Argy? hmmmm?
08 September 2011, 07:44 PM
well, in their defense, they do think they have until sunday.. i'll go give em a shove in the right direction though over on facebook.

11 September 2011, 08:54 PM
Smirk Morgan

oh wait...where was I?

Oh Xena, I can only hope this ass kicking is a regular feature. I loved the scene where she doubles back on the tail sent by Draco by sending her horse ahead and jumping up into the tree only to take out the followers one by one and use their horses.

I was intrigued by the encounter with the cyclops. Sounds like Xena was not above acts of public service even as a warlord. How delightfully gray. I liked that she tried to talk the cyclops into going "good" without preaching at him.

As for Gabrielle, I liked her scene with the cyclops. The ruse to get a ride to Amphipolis also had a nice twist.

Good job on casting Cyrene. Looking and listening at that actress and Lucy Lawless, I actually could believe that they were mother and daughter.

Oh, and I have to wallow in some Draco love. I loved the scene where he punishes his incompetent minion by having him attack him while he focuses on administrative stuff. Loved the scaffold fight. Also like that he made a deal and followed through. It would have been such a waste to kill such a character...and such abs...uh...

Looks like it could be fun. Not sure how this sidekick thing will pan out. I see the value of having another character for the hero to interact with on a regular basis. I just hope that Gabrielle isn't dead weight, but I am charmed by the idea of someone talking their way out of (and probably into) trouble as a contrast to the main hero.