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I remember when:
I missed out. I came in late. I wanted to add, and so I started a new one.

I remember when the Scrolls were the first place I came when I got online after school, and the last place I checked before I went to bed.

I remember everyone who was here back then, god damn nearly 10 years ago now. I remember being a 14 year old kid and yet, being taken so seriously by everyone here.

You guys who are still here, and those who have gone missing (Laura and Sharona specifically and the most - where the hell did you two go??) you have no idea how much this place and your support meant to me those years. It was amazing to come somewhere where you were judged on your intellect and mind capacity, and not on your age alone. At 23 now, I can't imagine taking ANY 14 year old as seriously as you guys took me. I met some really, really good friends here. Sadly, I grew up and lost them all. If I could go back in time, I think I'd tell my 18 year old self that I was not too cool to hang on on the internet, and I'd have stuck around the Scrolls through all it's many incarnations. All you guys did. I miss those times.

I also purchased every boxset of the series in the last year and have been watching it nonstop, so it's natural my thought process brought me back to here. Good times, good times. That's all, the end.
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It's good to see you back! Smile

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Hi Crystal...Yup, I remember's it going? for Sharona and Laura..I often wonder about those two also..
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Hey Crystal! Nora here. Glad that you came back--whether just to visit or stay longer.

Make yourself at home, I know I've got some liquor stashed around here, somewhere....

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Hi Its always good to see a new old face

Welcome back Smile

I said Duh!
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Hello. Nice meeting you. Agreeing with you here, this place sure has changed since I first found an article about Toms page in an american magazine when I was in the US. It lead me here, and I got stuck. Smile That was 1997.... Roll Eyes Oh well. Once a scroller, always a scroller, eh? Wink


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