What was the last Xena-related thing you did?

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24 November 2013, 02:20 PM
What was the last Xena-related thing you did?
Originally posted by xenacrazed:
Originally posted by Thersites:
I try to stand up to evil, stupidity, nastiness & injustice whenever & where ever I can....

And what exactly did you do to Sarah Palin, eh?

I downloaded a LOT of Celbrity Nudy/Dirty/Sex Fakes of her & Laffed my ass off..

Okay its not much but Alaska is too far to walk to & I cant afford that much gas..
24 November 2013, 05:18 PM
i've nixed the idea of a Xena calendar (unless Argy wants to buy me one). Not enuff money for the cost. Jeepers i remember when bookstores used to sell Xena calendars. Now that it's ancient history & no longer a rerun staple, the calendars are way too high priced plus S&H.

The Zooey calendar is also bout the same price so no go there.

i might opt for a Taylor Swift calendar. At least she's hot & her cal is cheap.