Watching Xena Again

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21 February 2009, 05:23 PM
Watching Xena Again
Jeepers, almost 14 yrs since XWP first aired & 8 yrs since it went off the air. i remember it was a strange time (in my life) when the first ep was aired (a pickin' up the pieces era in my life). Things are strange again (i's strange but that's another story) though for different reasons. Maybe that's what has brought me back to watchin Xena again. That, and them villagers who are out fer my blood just cuz i adopted a highway and then let it fall apart without knowings it was Wall Street! Sorwy!

i'm watchin 2 eps each weekend (when possible) & so far have seen "Sins of the Past", "Chariots of War", "Dreamworker", "Cradle of Hope", "The Path Not Taken", and "The Reckoning". It's amazin what ya ferget & then recall real quicks like when watchin these old pals.

i'm pleezed as punch with these eps & that I still loves 'em & the only part i didn't care for was a hint at domestication at the end of "Chariots of War" from Xena. No, X, ya gotta keep that redemption thing going! Redemption & Xena's hot bod were my original & series-long top reasons for viewin this show.

i will try revisiting this thread, makin sure i keeps my word on watchin the show. Last time round- now it's been 3 or 4 yrs since i last saw a Xena ep- i couldn't make it passed season 5 (espesh the dbl return to Chin eps- bleeech!)

yeah, it's hard & weird re-visitin old neighborhoods & haunts. Sumtimes indescribably odd events drives ya back. If'n ya knows what i means.
27 February 2009, 07:21 PM
If you are going to do it, you have to do it properly. no skipping eps you know you don't like and go all the way through to the very last ep

28 February 2009, 12:30 AM
well that's gonna be hard makin it thru depressing season 5. If'n i make it to the last ep, i dunno if i can watch that crappy ep again heehee but i'll try.

Tonite i watched "The Titans" and "Prometheus". Always had thought these were 2 weaker eps but i like them both more than i'd thought. The reasoning behind Prometheus being chained might still be a bit weak but overall i like the ep more than in the past. i do like season one and early Xena best. That mischievous, evil laugh of Xena's when she fights bad guys is great. Innocent bard-wannabe Gabrielle i prefer over spiritual quest Gabby and zombie Gabby of seasons 5 & 6.
28 February 2009, 12:28 PM
I got the series on DVD from my boyfriend last year for my birthday (last april). I went on a xena-spree and watched 4 seasons in about 2 months. Then I slowed down but kept watching them sporatically. I haven't watched any since the beginning of December and I'm stuck on the last episode of the series. I just don't remember liking it very much, and I guess I'd rather leave it on a highish kinda note.

I tried to do like Ame said and not skip the eps I know I don't like, but there were a couple that I just couldn't watch.

I was glad though that when I started rewatching I still loved the show. I was scared that it wouldn't be the same if I watched it again.

04 March 2009, 04:37 AM
I started watching from the first episode last year, but then I got distracted.

I've never actually watched all the episodes in order.
07 March 2009, 12:27 AM
Tonite's Xena double ep was "Death In Chains" & "Hooves & Harlots". Probably enjoyed both eps more this time round.

Gabrielle is wearing some pre-BGSB outfit in DIT while it's back to the peasant girl look at the beginning of H&H. i'd forgotten about the distrust between Xena & Ephinany in H&H. A lot i'd forgotten bout these eps anyhoos.

The sound quality on these dvds is pit-eee-ful. i had to keep foolin with the bass & treble buttons. Seems like there was a lotta background noise or wind or sumthing makin a racket. These are the earliest Xena dvds so maybe that explains the poor sound quality.
08 March 2009, 01:51 AM
hooves and harlots is one of my top 10 eps Big Grin

i'm currently going through charmed.. just started s3

10 March 2009, 10:53 PM
Ive been hooked on Star Trek Next Generation. Im in Season 3 and its amazing to me how the plots just go from ho hum to amazing each season it progresses. "Captains Holiday" is one of ym favorite.
12 March 2009, 11:35 AM
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13 March 2009, 05:30 AM
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14 March 2009, 01:17 AM
Tonite's Xena double feature- "The Black Wolf" and "Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts".

"The Black Wolf" is one of my top fave Xena eps. Where has Xena been at the beginning of the ep and where was Gabby? i liked these earlier eps where Xena was still mean & raw & mysterious & had these adventures without Gabrielle while meeting her later on. Gabby's in her brownish pre-BGSB outfit in both eps & fightin with her l'il stick. Perhaps fightin too much this early which doesn't seem to fit.

"Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts" is good, too. Beware boulders bearing flimsy fakeness when Xena crashes into one! Xena didn't remember that she'd met Perdicus from the first ep (maybe cause it was a different actor uhhh). Some insight into Gabby's past i'd forgotten. Good but odd ep.
21 March 2009, 12:38 AM
Tonite's double Xena feature-

"Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards". The first clip ep and bout what i recalled it to be.

"A Fistful of Dinars". Treasure hunt, ambrosia, Xena's ex-fiance. Dvd sound was terrible during this ep. They need to remaster the sound & re-release the eps in widescreen with captions (to capture the buried dialogue).

Over half-way thru season 1 and so far so good.
28 March 2009, 12:57 AM
Still watching Xena. Tonite it begins with "Warrior...Princess".

Xena's lookalike double Diana & the round killing thing. A comedy relief ep which i really liked. Diana's maid Tesa is a hottie.

Followed by "Mortal Beloved".

Now Marcus was never a fav character but i like this ep more with each viewing. Gabrielle seemed to do a lot of waiting for Xena these 2 eps. Back to back eps where the action is in seperate locales for Xena & for Gabrielle. i find eps like these more interesting than when they have shared adventures.

Watching these eps again is more than nostalgic. There's a certain sadness in it as well. Can't quite place it, maybe it's a feeling once conveyed by these characters that seems lost or naive nowadays. Maybe it's just me.
05 April 2009, 01:12 AM
Tonite's Xena dbl feature:

"The Royal Couple of Thieves". Xena recruits Autolycus to get back treasure/weapon for folks she knows from her past. These folks helped her when she was injured in battle & one of them gave their life to protect her (when was this in Xena history, me wonders). Xena dresses as Cherish, Auto's concubine heehee. Then there's Sinteres who know the pressure points stuffage. Nice ep.


"The Prodigal". Gabby freezes up in a fight sequence & decides to go home rather than put Xena in peril. Xena no like that idea. Gabby's village is threatened by bandits, hires Meleager to defend it but he shows up drunk. Lila resents Gabby at first.

Odd that Gabby should leave Xena over the freeze up thing here but not later after the crucifixion & resurrection stuff in season 5. Hmmm... Still, i liked this ep though it shows inconsistencies in future eps.
10 April 2009, 09:31 AM
i'm about to start season 2..

i forgot so much about is there a doctor in the house

and i always think ouch when ephiny gives birth for 2 reasons... 1, getting pregnant and 2 giving birth


10 April 2009, 09:15 PM
i haven't made it to season 2 yet. Just takin me own grandpa slow time aboot it. But there's a lotta things i notice new or see for the first time after readin discussions about it at the scrolls.
12 April 2009, 11:04 AM
Last nite's eps began with "Altared States".

Sacrificing son, henbane nutbread, X&G swimming nekked, fish as a weapon, the escape from the well and the change in Xena to mellow towards Gabby. Excellent ep, much as i remembered, some great cinematography. The ending was strange but cool.

Followed by "Ties That Bind".

X&G meet X's pop, Atrius, while rescuing slave girls. But it's really Ares all along (though this didn't make a lotta sense to me). i'd forgotten about Rhea (cutie!) and how Gabby was takin her & the other babes back home, which provided time between Xena & "Atrius", which leads to the Gabby as family deal at the end. Gabby wacking Xena with stick was a scene i had forgot. Much better ep now than what i remembered it.

Back to back eps that reinforced the closeness between X&G after previous eps that make Marcus a thing of the past. Xena still strong on redemption path but they've told us little about her past. So far.
15 April 2009, 12:07 AM
Discord Man
Legendar Heroes website blows up my phone trying to shove chakrams and swords down my throat, but I decided to do a payment pland on all the herc seasons so that should be fun to re watch all of them again. Big Grin

17 April 2009, 10:05 PM
Originally posted by Discord Man:
Legendar Heroes website blows up my phone trying to shove chakrams and swords down my throat, but I decided to do a payment pland on all the herc seasons so that should be fun to re watch all of them again. Big Grin

i got these Legendary Telemarketin' Zeroes on my no call list. If i want their stuff, i'll buy it but i dun want them callin when i'm sleepin!
17 April 2009, 10:23 PM
Decided i'd start givin' the eps a grade. So in goin back to what i've seen so fer of season uno:

"Sins of the Past" A or A+ depending on me mood

"Chariots of War" B- cuz of that dopey domesticated papa type

"Dreamworker" A

"Cradle of Hope" A

"The Path Not Taken" B

"The Reckoning" A

"The Titans" A-

"Prometheus" B+

"Death In Chains" A-

"Hooves & Harlots" A+

"The Black Wolf" A+

"Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts" B or B- depending on my mood cuz the Troy storyline off'n strikes me as weak.

"Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards" C+ A Xena-less ep too soon, flashback ep too soon but nice on the Gabby bard stuff. Had this been a season 5 ep it'd get an A.

"A Fistful of Dinars" A-

"Warrior...Princess" A

"Mortal Beloved" A

"The Royal Couple of Thieves" A

"The Prodigal" B

"Altared States" A

"Ties That Bind" A- or B+ dependin on that dern mood again
18 April 2009, 03:11 PM
Last nite's Xena dbl feature-

"The Greater Good". Xena gets shot by poison dart from hidden Callisto in the trees. Gabby vs Argo, then they become pals when Xena is down & out. Xena almost dies, Gabby dresses up as Xena to fight warlord. Excellent ep, always liked the greater good theme.

Grade: A

"Callisto". Guilt serverd a-plenty! Callisto (hot bod & beautiful)! The ladder fight! The sandy beach chase on horseback scene! The campfire scene (my fave of all the XWP campfire scenes)! Gabby beats the snot outta Joxer (who also debuts here). A lot going on here- Gabby becomes more a fighter in this ep & the previous one. Maybe TPTB rode the Callisto and Joxer storylines too long, i dunno, but they had a great start.

Grade- A++

Xena comments in The Greater Good how it's not about her but about the lives they're saving. This was a key theme to the best XWP eps. Not that personal storylines weren't often great- i loved the "Bitter Suite"- but season 5 seemed to have lost the connection to the greater good & the redemption theme.
11 May 2009, 04:49 PM
Ack! i am still watchin but am forgettin to do my thingie here in this thread, as i know the whole world awaits my mini-opinionionions (sarcasm yay!) Just gimme some time & i'll have several weeks worth to post...less i ferget again.

but i am still watchin- now in season two- so i haven't slacked off that part.
13 July 2009, 02:07 AM
Hey xenacrazed! *waves* Did you at one point post on the Xena Online Community? If so, come on back! and if not, try us anyway, we have a very active Xena board and would love to hear from someone rewatching the show. We're at
18 July 2009, 05:48 PM
hey LadyKate63! *waves back* Naw, wasn't me who posted there but i am gonna check out that site. Thanks fer the invite! Smile

i've finished season 2 now & am starting season 3 tonite.
10 August 2009, 07:07 AM
Hey! Stop trying to poach the one and only poster on this board!