Watching Xena Again

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25 February 2011, 09:48 PM
Watching Xena Again
What? me kid! Newwwwp! All i know bout norse mythology is what i read in issues of the Mighty Thor. At least they didn't have Gabby turn into Thorette by stomping her little stick on the ground like Don Blake. Though that might have been cool seeing her with the long blonde hair again and in that tight Thor outfit, mmmmMMMmmm.

i do agree with ya about stuffing too much stuff in 3 eps. Woulda been nice to see more norse gods & goddesses, spread over a couple more eps. But it was season 6 & TPTB had been putting out crap since "Fallen Angel".

i thought this was a nice throwback to earlier days: Xena having some mystery about her still, riding off without Gabby on a mission, then when Gabby catches up, ppl are falling for her left & right. The big difference with Gabby lovefest was that they were fallin for her looks not her peaceful lovin ways (cus she was somewhat of a violent bitch by the time the norse saga rolled round). But she wasn't too violent here (except on Grendel's kid), and there was no Eve, Varia, Virgil or whiny ass mortal Ares to spoil things. A nice break from the norm. Could have been better yes, would have been better had it been written pre-season 5, but it was more that i thought possible for 3 eps in a row during the lazy writers' era of season 6.
13 March 2011, 06:37 PM
The theme: redemption.

The eps: "Forgiven" & "Locked Up & Tied Down"

Redemption was always an underlying current in the show but they never dwelled on it as much as they shoulda. "Forgiven" mentioned Xena's past & her gettin reformed but it was buried neath the Tara story.

In "Locked Up & Tied Down", she's finally tried for a past crime but TPTB cop out as her supposedly dead victim is still alive. Xena makes dumb statement that she's no longer seeking redemption when they're bout to haul her ass off to Shark Island Prison. Hello! Lady, you're a freakin mass murderess- you should always be seekin redemption! At the end, Gabby makes idiot statement that Xena should forgive herself for past deeds. Hello! She should never forgive herself for past deeds. If she did forgive herself, then it's time to lock her up, tie her down & throw away the key. Even if she only murdered one person it means a lifetime seeking redemption. Considering how many chances Xena gets at lifetimes, as long as she's Xena she's gotta be on that road to redemption.
07 May 2011, 12:38 PM
It's been a couple months but i finally watched a Xena double header. The theme: a couple random season 3 eps.

First up, "When In Rome". i always wondered. What if Gabby had given Crassius his imperial ring back at the end. Would Caesar have let him go? Vercinix escapin would have embarrassed hum no end so maybe he would called Crassius a liar, sayin he was really Vercinix, just so he could say he executed the barbarian.

Next up was "The Dirty Half Dozen". An old favorite ep that gets even better with time. Besides the 4 cons that Xena enlists to help her, i liked the question Gabby posed Xena, something bout "Am i really who i am, or am i what you made me?". Well, ask that same question 2 seasons later, Gabby, and i betcha the answer is what xena made you- and what the writers falsely kept you as. This ep rings more true than any ep in the final 2 seasons.
29 May 2011, 01:49 AM
Didn't see Xena this weekend yet but did catch "Thor" (in 3-D which wasn't as cosmic as i'd hoped). Cool Xena reference late in film.
19 June 2011, 11:24 AM
Not sure if MoC is still around these parts but in honor of the beginnings of the Callisto story, i watched "The Greater Good" and "Callisto" this weekend.

The "monster with integrity" who didn't want Xena's pity but sure seemed delighted by it when Xena gave up her soul/purity/angelness whatever for her in "Fallen Angel". i wish that storyline had been a con. That Callisto only wanted to be an angel to deceive Michael and the others. It might have nipped that Eve nonsense in the bud. oh well

In "Callisto", i always wondered why the jailer did nothing when the torch was thrown in Callisto's cell as well as do nuthin when Xena was locked in it by Callisto?

Also, when Xena caught Callisto on the end of the rope at the end of the ep, the next scene shows her & her men in chains surrendered. i never understood how that happened? why did Callisto give up so easily? why didn't her men shoot Xena with arrows at that point? Even if Callisto had told them not to interfere during the battle with Xena, they would want to help her if she was caught by Xena, and not have to go to prison or worse? The least they could have done was take off on their horses! And where did Xena get the chains to tie up Callisto so quickly and why didn't she kick, bite, scratch and scream to get free from Xena? Inquiring minds and all...though i guess it was a lead-in to the follow-up Callisto ep.
17 December 2011, 12:38 AM
Watched my first eps in a couple months tonite. The theme was holiday eps.

Started off with "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". i consider it to be the Halloween ep even if it don't mention All Hallows Eve. Great cinematography & music, love the girl vamps.

"A Solstice Carol" is typical innocent season 2 storytelling. i can imagine the nightmare this ep would have been had it taken place in season 5. Silly stuff but i stayed with it & tried to notice things i hadn't seen before.
23 December 2011, 04:50 AM
It's been a couple months but i finally watched a Xena double header.

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23 December 2011, 11:14 AM
Originally posted by staycygills:
It's been a couple months but i finally watched a Xena double header.

Didn't i say this -"It's been a couple months but i finally watched a Xena double header" -just a couple posts above? hmmmm?

maybe we should use the chakram to cut stayc up in little pieces & stuff her in one of them thar cabinets? eh, staycy spammer?smash

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03 March 2012, 03:31 PM
in case anybody srill watches Xena & is thinkin bout buying the new Xena dvd sets-

i picked up season one of the Universal dvd set. How are they different from the old Anchor Bay box sets?

the bad:

No bonus stuff. No commentaries or interviews, no nothin.

Still no widescreen version, if there ever will be.

the good:

Visually it's better, less grainy lookin than the Anchor Bay dvds. Not as clear as it could be it but better.

The sound is a lot better. At least on the first 2 eps it's better. The muffled dialogue & distorted background noise seems to be gone or at least cleaned up.

There are English subtitles in case you want to read follow along or try to distinguish background chatter without referring to Whoosh transcripts. The subtitles does not pick up all the background lines but since the sound is clearer, it's easier to hear what's being said.

These sets are cheaper, at least here in the states, not sure bout outside the US.

anyhoo, i'll probably pick up further seasons eventually.
10 March 2012, 03:20 PM
Watched "Dreamworker" & "Cradle of Hope" this weekend from the new season one dvds. Can't get over how much better it looks & sounds. Picking up stuffage i hadn't noticed before with the subtitles turned on.

N'kama oil? what the heck is that? The nystic in "Dreamworker" used it on Xena. Is it same thing as kama oil from the mid-east?

"wisdom before weapons" i liked that theme in this ep. Too bad there's no wisdom before weapons once season 5 begins to barf its way along.

So was Pandora carrying an empty box all along hmmm? Or did Gabby let hope out when she knocked over the box & it opened? If she did, is this connected to Hope, her daughter, much later on? Could Dahok have seen this & captured hope & twisted it for his future misdeeds? OOOooOOO conspiracy! Or xc stupeedity! But i loves these early eps. i'm sold on gettin me new season 2 dvds as well since the older season 2 dvds are poor on sound & visuals.

if only other scrollers would return to discuss these eps...
26 March 2012, 08:27 PM
I have watched the deliverer through to the debt part 2, in the last 2 days.

foxtel (our cable tv) has a function called IQ (i think u guys have tivo?) and i can set it to record xena and series link it so it records it every time it is on.

saves getting the dvd's out, i am so lazy.

i love season 3 Big Grin and looking forward to the next few eps, like warrior priestess tramp and the quill is mightier Big Grin and of course marternal instincts and the bitter suite

05 August 2012, 10:31 AM
i'm up to "Hooves & Harlots" now in season 1 on the new dvds.
11 August 2012, 10:37 AM
Watched "Black Wolf" & "Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts" last nite. The former has always been a fave of mine & i'm liking the latter more with each viewing.
24 August 2012, 11:49 AM
last nite i watched "Athens Academy etc" & "A Fistful of Dinars".

The AA ep don't have much going for it besides being a clip ep. It's probably the weakest season 1 story.

Dinars is much better & it keeps getting better with time. Tis a story that makes me wanna look up all the names & places referenced in it. Or purrhaps i have one a' my wives do the lookin & tell me the results later, much late late in the nite.
28 August 2012, 11:41 PM
i love hooves and harlots. its one of my top 5 eps Smile

i just watched been there done that the other day

02 September 2012, 11:04 AM
i saw "Warrior Princess" & "Mortal Beloved" this weekend. i like WP more than MB. Hard to beat two Lucy's, unless maybe it's a 3 nekked dancin Gabbies.
08 September 2012, 10:26 PM
Last nite i saw "The Royal Couple of Thieves" and "The Prodigal". Auto's first Xena ep is still his best, IMO. As for the latter ep, i'm don't see what Gabby's time in Potedaia did to help her not freeze up in times of danger (as that's why she went home in the first place). But i liked the ep anyway, it was much better than the other non-Xena ep earlier in season one (Athen Academy).
15 September 2012, 01:05 PM
watched "Altared States" & "Ties That Bind" last nite.

"Altared States" is one of my all time faves & it just gets better each time i see it. It's really clear on this newer dvd n that makes it all the more fun.

"Ties That Bind" always makes me wonder what woulda happened had Atrius been Xena's pa instead of Ares once he was dead. Would Xena had destroyed the village or what? Did she snap out of her killer Xena mode cuz of Gabby or was it cuz papa/Ares was eggin her on to kill 'em all? i'm not sure that's fer sure.
22 September 2012, 02:48 PM
Last nite i watched "Greater Good" & "Calisto".

Always loved "Greater Good". Didn't pick up on anything i missed before cept i wasn't sure why Gabby went out twice dressed as Xena when the first time didn't go so well. i mean, she didn't whup the bad guys when she met 'em in the woods, she led them all the way back to the village.

"Callisto" is & always will be the highlight of season 1. i still don't see how Xena captured Callisto in the end. X caught C from falling, yep, but why didn't C or her men help her escape? How did C's men get captured- can't be by them villagers? i dun get it. Wish they would explain that ending.
29 September 2012, 12:48 PM
well well wellsy, finally finished season 1 the new dvds last nite.

"Death Mask" Toris we hardly knew ye. i wanna know how ya survived all them years cuz ya seemed like a Joxer in disguise. Then there's Cortese. What a whiney sap! Seems like Xena could have easily finished him off years ago. Not a bad ep just a confuzzing one.

"Is There A Doctor in the House". One of my fave eps. Great story-telling and acting.
13 October 2012, 12:21 AM
Finally opened up season 2. Discs have lots better quality than the old dvds. Nice sharp pics & sound & they're cheaper & in slimline packages.

"Orphan of War" & "Remember Nothing" Good eps though not great. A little Solan goes a long way. Notice how Lyceus sounds a lot like his nephew? So how come Xena never visits her bro those times she goes to Elysian Fields? Why no mention of Toris? Why am i asking questions when no one reads this? *sigh*
14 October 2012, 05:45 PM
i'm reading it!

some of my fav eps are in season 2 (unfortunately some of my least favs are there too)

return of callisto
warrior princess tramp
intimate stranger
10 little warlords (in my top 10 all time favs)

but i love love love s3 Smile

14 October 2012, 05:50 PM
testing new sig pic... the cat was creeping me out

20 October 2012, 12:14 PM
Watched "Giant Killer" & "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" last nite.

i like the Biblical eps of the first couple seasons. It's during season 5 those kinda eps suck. Guess Old Testament suits Xena best.

The vamp ep is always good. Wish they'd done another vamp ep later on or maybe a were-animal ep. Xena & Gabby with fangs...yummy...they can bite me anytime!
27 October 2012, 12:07 AM
tonite it was "Return of Callisto" & "Warrior Princess Tramp".

So how come they didn't hang Callisto for her crimes? Never understood that. In "The Execution" they're gonna hang Meleager for one murder but not Callisto for dozens, hundreds?

WPT. Meg's first ep is her best.