The Xena Scrolls

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27 November 2005, 08:09 PM
The Xena Scrolls
WEEK 10:

The Xena Scrolls

The Form

Just because I can never get enough of the adorable Mel and Indiana Janice. Happy Watching!

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29 November 2005, 11:00 AM
One Word/Catch Phrase: Treasure Hunt
Fave Scene: When Xena is talking to Janice
Fav Quote: When Ares tells Janice-Wrong Blonde
Dislikes: can't think of anything
Picture It: Gabby with a machine gun!
Subtext: Xena telling Janice that Gabby was more than a sidekick to her
Extra Commentary: Overall a good ep. I liked it better when Mel was Xena .
21 January 2006, 01:46 PM
One word/ Catch phrase:
Oh my!

Fave scene:
1. Where Mel meets Janice. I love the melding of their characters.
2. I love when Ares kills Smith. The look of total shock on Smith's face is awesome.

Fav quote:
"Now that's no way to treat a lady." ~Janice
"Just like you're trying to live down your daddy's reputation!" ~Mel (It's all in the delivery.)
"Bleen! Bleen! Don't you speak english?" ~Jacques

Some of the flashback footage was crappy, I thought. I guess they were only in the second season.

Picture it!:
Pretty much any picture with Janice and Mel together.

Besides the whole butch-femme thing, there was not much to go on.

Any extra commentary:
A well done episode, I thought. I really liked Ted's character. It was perfect for him. They really should have revisited these characters.

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31 October 2012, 09:45 AM
Good episode.