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23 October 2005, 10:37 PM
The Bitter Suite
I hope you love me for this!Big Grin

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Happy I mean watching! Razz Big Grin

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24 October 2005, 10:57 AM
One word/ Catch phrase: delightful!

Fave scene: WOW the scene with Soaln at the end broke my heart!

Fav quote: not one quote the whole episode... all the songs!

Dislikes: some of the costumes...

Picture it!: can't think of one in particuler...

Any extra commentary: Loved The episode!!!!!
it's one of the best and a great way to end the RIFT!
25 October 2005, 04:51 AM
Discord Man
One word/ Catch phrase: One of the best!
Fave scene: Where Xena was tied to the cross and sung "love will be our guide"
Fav quote: "Joxer...that blows the elesian fields theory"
Dislikes: I liked almost everything...But I didnt like the soidiers in the army when ares was singing...bugs me a bit.
Picture it!: The Gab drag that left Gabrielle Bloody and Battered.
Subtext: Cant think of any.
Any extra commentary: I have watched this episode at least 15 times and it gets better every time!

25 October 2005, 11:24 AM
One word/ Catch phrase: Entertaining
Fave scene: There's 2-The one where Xena & Gab are tied to the cross and Gab is on the altar and they are singing "love will be our guide" and the scene where Xena sings Forgive Me
Fav Quote: In the beginning when Xena tells Callisto to cut the song & dance
Dislikes: The drag scene was hard to watch-not that I didn't like it -it was just hard to see
Picture it: The look on Xena's face when they were standing on the clff before Gab threw them over
Subtext: I see it in the way Xena is singing Forgive me to Gab
Commentary: I never get tired of this ep. I even have some of the songs on my computer to listen to while I'm working. I LOVE IT!! WXF Smile
26 October 2005, 02:41 AM
firstly, let me apologise for the many varied mistakes in this. it's been a while...

One word/ Catch phrase: enchanting

Fave scene: that peace/war song. joxer singing, callisto..."hearts are hurting" Big Grin

Fav quote: callisto: "you're wrong not to trust one who knows you so well. i never betrayed you, that was...gabrielle." and also lila: "take this scythe, it's just a case of killing to be kind." Smile

Dislikes: hmm, the computer graphics. a bit dodge, but what are you gonna do? and "hate is the star" - it's fun and all but it just feels a bit too moral or something...i don't ming tien...little freak...

Picture it!: well, i was pretty damn impressed with all the sets and costumes. both quality and quantity.

Subtext: "hearts are hurting" part 2. "i never dreamed that any barriers could rise..." "or that i'd ever see the stanger in your eyes..." Frown

Any extra commentary: one of my favourites. i'm a sucker for a musical. and "hearts are hurting" is excellent for a karaoke duet, just fyi Big Grin

18 December 2005, 07:53 PM
One word/ Catch phrase:
Sinnggg....sing a song!

Fave scene:
The one where Xena comes to get Gabby from the Amazon camp. It's so intense that the first time I saw it I barely caught a breath.

Fav quote:
"I HURT INSIDE! Don't you?" ~Gabrielle


I wish they had gotten a better match for Renee's voice.

The whole rolling around in the waves and sand at the end. That was a little to forced for me.

Picture it!:
There are so many awesome visuals in this episode that it's hard to pick one.
I do like the one right after the Gab Drag. Xena gets off the horse picks Gabrielle up to throw her off the cliff. Gabby kicks her in the head. The look on Xena's face when she gets up still gives me chills down my spine.

Subtext: The makeup scene was sweet but not a lot of interaction through the whole episode. (obviously)

Any extra commentary:
Simply....a classic. I could listen to the soundtrack over and over and over again.

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18 December 2005, 07:56 PM
Originally posted by Madogis:

Any extra commentary: one of my favourites. i'm a sucker for a musical. and "hearts are hurting" is excellent for a karaoke duet, just fyi Big Grin

My sister and I would turn that on and sing it together at the top of our lungs. Big Grin

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19 December 2005, 01:43 AM
The soundtrack to this epsisode was the first CD I EVER bought for myself. Which is kind of funny, because I, typically, hate musicals. I even hated this one at first. (it came out before I got into Xena and I thought looked so corny) Boy, have I changed my mind. I listen to that CD ALL the time. I LOVE IT!!!

I lvoe all the music. The one thing I wasn't so pleased with was that the writers skirted around the chatacters actually telling eachother they loved one another, It was like they were purposly trying to avoid it. It would have been one thing if it would have felt forced, but it wouldn't have. But, then One Against an Army came along and fixed that. So all was well in the end.
19 December 2005, 01:46 AM
One more thing. I think we should seriously think about doing a Xena Karaoke at the convetntion.
30 October 2012, 10:10 AM