Lucy Lawless desperate for Xena movie!!!!!!!

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26 January 2010, 06:11 PM
Lucy Lawless desperate for Xena movie!!!!!!!


Actress LUCY LAWLESS is calling on movie bosses to adapt XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS for the big screen - because she fears fans will lose interest in the fantasy series if it's revived for TV.

The New Zealand-born star is best known for playing the warrior pin-up in the cult programme, which she is desperate to see brought back to life as a feature film.

She tells, "I love that character. I would do it if it was a movie. I doubt I would do it as a TV series. I can't see how you would make it fresh. "By the time somebody does come up with that I'm just going to be too old. And I'm really sad about that. I feel like it's a completely wasted franchise."

i completely agree that "it's a completely wasted franchise". i mean, hello, it's off the air & there's little discussion left about it. *looks around at empty board for proof*

i strongly disagree that "... as a TV series. I can't see how you would make it fresh." With good writers, directors & cast it can succeed. If it resumes where season 6 ended, it'd have a better chance of failing. If they revamped it & restarted from scratch is how it would work. Of course, ppl will whine that that this or that is different (me too!) but it doesn't change the original series. So be glad ya get to see the warrior princess & the bard again. NO Xena Jr next time, please or i will whine!. No Herc writers, no pregnant Xenas or Gabbys, no killing off the Greek gods. i'm okay without LL & ROC as X&G much as i love them. In fact, for a new series, i'd prefer a new cast. LL & ROC as other characters is cool. And- new series on either HBO/SHO/MAX/STARZ or at very least, a good indie network- no major network.

Xena movie? Well, LL you look good but would it still be believable to portray young Xena starting out? i doubt it. A Xena flick for the big screen would have to start with origins, not beginning where the show ended (that would be direct-to-cable or dvd). Major motion Hollywood pics tend to aim towards the lowest common denominator, especially action/adventure flicks. Would the target audience be ye old Xena fans from days of yore? Doubt it strongly. A Xena series on cable would be able to reach the core Xena crowd. A Xena flick in the mall 12 screen theatres would aim either towards the young teens who only have a vague idea of XWP or an older group with a R rating (more violence, less story). Still, i'd go for LL in a Xena flick even if
i'm skeptical as to the final results.

30 January 2010, 02:49 AM
my first post in seven or so years and I'm going to disagree with xc!

Five years ago I would have loved anything Xena-related to hit our screens or the cinemas. Even an Eve spin-off would have satiated me (scary thought indeed!) But now I think anything attempted would be a disappointment. My expectations would be too high and I would much prefer to remember those bits of the series I loved the most (I have blocked out the crappy episodes and characters as much as possible!) and just heave a nostalgic sigh every now and then rather than groan at a second rate attempt to revive the series.

In that respect I think it is far from a wasted franchise! To risk stating the obvious 'all good things come to an end.' IMO XWP ended earlier than it should have but I understand the cast and crew (or maybe just TPTB) wanting to go out on a high and before fans got bored with the series. That doesn't mean it was wasted. It had an impressive six seasons, many more than other quality shows which I also lament the early demise of at times. It also had (and still has) an enormous fan base. Just because a franchise stops making money before its time doesn't make it a waste. Particularly as the 'making money' aspect is never a sure thing in the entertainment industry. I think wasted franchises are those with the potential that was never realised and that no one remembers.

As for other actors replacing LL and ROC I think it would be a must if the series was ever revived or a movie which didn't pick up where the series left off was made. Simply because the lovely LL and ROC are now over 40 (well nearing 40 in ROC's case) For that reason I would hold limited interest. Of course I would watch it but LL and ROC made the series for me: their relationship on-screen and what the actors brought to their roles. I don't think I could tolerate anyone other than LL pulling some of those goofy faces or stunts that she got away with!

Razz first post felt good!
30 January 2010, 04:35 AM
LL will hopefully be tied up with Spartacus for a while too. I have high hopes for that series. Has an ep aired in th US yet? Anyone see it?
30 January 2010, 01:10 PM
Spartacus premiered last week on starz. It repeats throughout the week, i think, but i haven't seen it yet. If only starz would consider doin a Xena series. Smile
19 February 2010, 04:54 AM
Did you end up seeing an ep of Spartacus xc?? Worth watching??
20 February 2010, 12:16 AM
i've only seen parts of an ep or two. Most of it i didn't care for as it was too much like "Gladiator". The scenes with LL were good, what few i've seen so far. It's no wonder she wants to be in a Xena movie as the Roman storyline must be nostalgic for the Xena days.
10 October 2010, 10:31 PM
Nothing is impossible to a willing heart。
15 October 2010, 05:01 PM
Originally posted by xiaqinghua1989:
Nothing is impossible to a willing heart。

Um... uh... ugh...