Danielle Cormack

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30 October 2011, 03:42 PM
Danielle Cormack
Danielle Cormack has a huge role at the moment in an Aussie TV series called Underbelly: Razor.

The Underbelly series are usually huge in Australia, so this is a plumb role for her.

She is one of the three female leads in the show and she is doing a VERY good job.

If any people in the US have DVD players that are region free, this would be worth ordering from Australia. The DVD box set is being released in a couple of weeks.

The shows are also available on iTunes, but I know that the iTunes shop doesn't always stock content from outside the country you are viewing it in.
04 November 2011, 05:36 PM
i haven't seen Danielle in anything since XWP ended. Well, except for The Price of Milk, which i guess came out after the show. i need to get that flick on dvd. i wish they'd show more shows from other countries on US tv. Maybe that would bring me back to watchin the tube again.