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OK, clue me in.

Why do so many people hate her?

I don't geddit.


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I can't speak for anyone else, but personally, I liked her in the first few seasons. She used to be fun and cute (I don't mean cute as in looks, I mean.. how she acted, I guess). When Prue died and Paige came along, making Phoebe the middle sister, she changed. Okay, I know she would've felt like she had to be more responsible, having a younger sister and all, but I dunno, to me she felt like an entirely different character. Paige seemed to have taken her place, as the fun sister which is partly why I like Paige most now. Not that Phoebe was my favourite character before Paige, Prue was. Hmm... Also when Cole was around, the story always seemed to be focused on Phoebe and her issues with the their relationship and it was like she was the star of the show, with Piper and Paige just there as supporting characters. It just annoyed me.

In this latest season though, Phoebe hasn't really been getting on my nerves, so it would seem my intense hatred for her is over. She's still my least favourite Charmed one, but I at least don't feel like throwing up or changing the channel whenever she's on screen any more.


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My dislike for Phoebe is similar to Salem's.
When she's the main focus of every stinking episode you're like "ok...that's nice, i think i'll watch infomercials"

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hehe, i think thats basically how i also feel.

She doesn;t annoy me as much as she used to, especially when the show might as well be named 'the pheobe and cole show'

It really irked me when every episode was centered around her, or them as a couple.

Pheobe has always been my least fav character (Prue, Piper, Paige then Pheobe) regardless of who makes up the power of three, i just dislike her less than i used to, 2.. 3 seasons ago.

Myabe i've mellowed, maybe she has, but she used to be very 'look at me, look at me' but that could have been alyssa too, making the charcter more annoying. PLUS Alyssa got rid of Shannon.. hehe


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To be honest, I think Shannon can act circles around Alyssa. To be honest, ever since Shannon left, and mind you my opinion is a bit flawed cuz I don't watch as much as i did when Shannon was on; even Holly Marie, who I always thought was good, has been very annoying. Well, I guess it's not so much her acting as her charactar. THey just go on and on and on about how Piper hates being a witch and not having a normal life, not being able to have Leo as a normal husband and normal children, blah blah blah. Okay I get it. It does stink, and I prolly wouldn't be so happy either, but it just seems that ever since Prue died, I can't turn on Charmed without seeing Piper whining about something...or Phoebe being, well, silly and shallow. Paige is cool for the most part, I like her charactar. But I do miss Shannon. When she was on, the show just seemed...well...tighter somehow. Maybe it was her charactar, I definitely think Prue's stronger than Piper, but you know, Shannon has a presense, and she can really act well. Alyssa was prolly all jealous of her, that's why they didn't get along, lol. Oh well.
But in answer to your question, Argeaux, I think it's not so much Phoebe as how Alyssa portrays her. I think she's even more "Look at me, Look at me," as Ame said, than she was before. Before she at least had some awareness of others around her. Right now it seems she's so self absorbed she plays the charactar like she's the bloody star, and doesn't even respond to others' lines, just says her own like, "hi I'm wonderful, check me out!"
lol, okay maybe i'm being a little harsh, but that's just how I see it.Big Grin

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Wow...I really like Pheobe! I haven't seen the latest Xena at all. I was in America and then moved in with my parents in England and they don't even have cable so I've been missin out Frown. She did hog a lot of story lines...but like I say I really like her so I didn't mind lol. She has 'grown up' a bit. For those of us who choose to do that (myself not included yet lol) it is bit boring...but she still has that bubbly personality and fun side. The cole stuff did irritate me though - wish he would just die and stay that way or be a good guy and live happily...quietly ever after.
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