Brucy talks to himself @ TV...

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11 August 2014, 03:47 PM
Brucy talks to himself @ TV...
I just glanced at my post about Lost Room as there were 5 replies....*sigh* all were by me..

Big Grin Then looked at Revolution thread almost as bad..

I was looking for an appropriate place to write my thoughts experiences watchin TV & I decided to start a brand new thread with an appropriate title ..LOL

I decide it would be easier to ignore if I put it all in 1 place.

So alrity then.... lets get started.
11 August 2014, 03:53 PM
I got pretty far behind on Wlaking Dead a show
I quite like but dont quite love..

I faded out on s2 episode 8..... Immediately after the barn massacre on the farm...

I havent watched any of it in well over a year...

I now made it up to s3 ep10 & cant find the rest of It..

S2 was kind of a slog...I really hated Shane & was getting sick of Lori ...Rick's Drama Queen wife..

I thought they stayed too long at the farm episode wise & it was turning into a soap opera..

But the 3rd season has caught my interest again I just hope the story doesnt bog down too much in the town now.

I REALY need to find the rest of this....

I wanna move on to s3 of Game of Thrones
11 August 2014, 05:42 PM
BrucE's talkin to himself
Oh BrucE's talkin to himself
na na na na na
BrucE's talkin to himself!