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Dr. Who
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Just finished watching the Dr. Who US premiere (okay, so it was actually on Friday, but I love me that DVR). I think I'm a bit too young to remember the last go 'round on Dr. Who, so I can't speak about series and character integrity, but overall I liked it.

Christopher Eccleston makes me believe that the Doctor isn't human without going all Mork from Orc (disclaimer, I loved Mork & Mindy, I don't mean it as a slam against M&M). Billie Piper does a good job as Rose.

We actually saw Eps 1 & 2. I could have sworn the "plumber" was the actress who played Sandy in As Time Goes By.

Anyone else catch the show? Any thoughts on it?

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I missed this when it came out in Oz and I was sorry to.

I was a fan of the original series and used to watch it when I was a teenager.

My folks saw both lots and said this one is pretty good.

Ah well, maybe I'll order it on DVD one of these days. I'm dying to see how the Daleks get up stairs.


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