New TV Season- What to Watch?????

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14 December 2017, 04:07 PM
New TV Season- What to Watch?????
Over the summer i watched season 3 of my favorite all-time tv series, Twin Peaks. It came back on after 25 some years and on Showtime (which i currently no longer subscribe to, thanks to the misers at ATT&T). The new season was totally different from the old show and i really liked it, even amid all the grief i was going through. i have it ordered on blu-ray, too. i hope there is another season but am not holding mt breath as i read that David Lynch took 4 years to write the last season.

Still watching the Flash- it's just okay. As is Riverdale, though it tries to be Twin Peaks and fails.

iZombie returns next year for season 4. It is my current favorite series.
03 January 2018, 04:59 PM
X-Files starts new tonight for what may be their final season.

The Blacklist also starts new tonight after a few weeks break.

Not sure when iZombie starts new again.
22 January 2018, 12:22 AM
Brucy Braless
I must be downloading nearly 25 TV shows...Im so busy with it I dont have time to watch em....LoL

My Fave TV shows are

Game of Thrones

& Westworld

I watch Walking Dead but its jumped the shark with Neegan.
Heres hopin it unjumps back.
I might give Fear the Walking Dead another shot...
that greasy haired kid was a bit nauseating.
Wash the F Up!!

Theres this 1 train-wreck of a show I HATE but cant seem to drop,completely.
Last Man on Earth....I Hate the 2 leads...I Fast forward thru them but the supporting cast is tolerable...
Its usually 10 mins or less the way I watch it..

Bill Maher is back for 2018...Yay Him!

I watch Star Trek Discovery.... it was off to a wobbly start but they seem to have hit their stride with 9th ep cliff-hanger..
Could be AWESOME real soon...or not..

Also I watch The Orville its not as good.....not funny enuff to be a comedy not serious enuff to be ...ummm.... taken seriously
maybe it will get it together too.
Enuff sexist shit about his wife ....for Fucks sake....

Naked News Its Canadian, filmed in Toronto...quite near me
its NOT on TV....its a web show I guess you'd call it.
Ive been a viewer for maybe 3 years now...

I like it.

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22 January 2018, 12:31 AM
Brucy Braless
some floatery stuff I watch but cant recommend:

Last Ship Im far behind...
Blood drive... I caught afew eps & have it DL'd
Midnight Texas...I watched all of it.

Supergirl...Oh How I wann love me some supergirl but shes drown out on her own show...who the HELL are alla these other super people...
Im not sure I even finished season 1

the Good Place I enjoyed the first season.Maybe I would recommend this one

Z Nation I like it but its a B Quality show...

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22 January 2018, 12:35 AM
Brucy Braless
Stuff I have but havent gotten too that shows promise

Handmaids Tale

Big Little Lieslove all the actresses in it.

Daredevil s2 I quite liked season 1

Riverdale Iwatched maybe 5 eps seemed cool

Salvation watched one liked it

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22 January 2018, 06:13 PM
i stopped watching Supergirl in season 1 as it got so hokey.

Riverdale has improved from last season and is trying to do a Twin Peaks thing now & then
09 February 2018, 03:19 AM
Brucy Braless
I have something called Knightfall from the History channel..

Its about the Knights Templar & French king Phillip

Ive watched 2 eps

Looks like a keeper.

Finished up the Good Place... the actors make it better than it really is.

But its decent.

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10 February 2018, 12:06 PM
iZombie starts again soon. It's my favorite show still running as Twin Peaks probably won't be back.
25 February 2018, 05:12 PM
iZombie starts new tomorrow. i'll be anxious to see how they continue the main storyline.

Now that the silly Olympics is over- i guess- the other shows i watch are back new- Flash, Riverdale, the Blacklist and the X-Files. That's too many shows but they'll be reruns soon.

Also been watching the Patty Hearst documentaries on CNN.
12 March 2018, 07:22 PM
iZombie is weird this year what with zombies not being the secret they were in past seasons. i don't know how it will work out or if they can go into another season. Maybe they should have stuck with the old formula.

X-Files has been very good this year. Too bad it's probably the final season.
16 March 2018, 01:35 AM
Brucy Braless
I found a site thats putting up the 2012 back eps of Naked news along with the new 2018 ones

SO Ive been catchin up with Feb 2012 schtuff..LoL

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