New TV Season- What to Watch?????

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14 December 2017, 04:07 PM
New TV Season- What to Watch?????
Over the summer i watched season 3 of my favorite all-time tv series, Twin Peaks. It came back on after 25 some years and on Showtime (which i currently no longer subscribe to, thanks to the misers at ATT&T). The new season was totally different from the old show and i really liked it, even amid all the grief i was going through. i have it ordered on blu-ray, too. i hope there is another season but am not holding mt breath as i read that David Lynch took 4 years to write the last season.

Still watching the Flash- it's just okay. As is Riverdale, though it tries to be Twin Peaks and fails.

iZombie returns next year for season 4. It is my current favorite series.
03 January 2018, 04:59 PM
X-Files starts new tonight for what may be their final season.

The Blacklist also starts new tonight after a few weeks break.

Not sure when iZombie starts new again.