No Country for Old Men

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28 November 2007, 08:16 PM
No Country for Old Men
Another Coen Bros classic. Josh Brolin is out hunting in Texas and finds a big satchel of mullah from a drug deal gone wrong. Javier Bardem is the psycho hit man who's hunting for Brolin & the loot. Tommy Lee Jones is the sherrif hunting for both Brolin & Bardem. Kelly MacDonald is the cute li'l number who is Brolin's wife.

Great acting, great story, lotta violence and the ending- well, not for everyone. Lotta ppl moaned & groaned over the ending which is NOT traditonal or something Hollywood likes to dish out. But given the story, it fits just right.

Tommy Lee Jones gets the best lines, and Javier Bardem gets to play an unforgettable villain. i liked the flick- different kind of ending and all
30 November 2007, 10:03 PM
Brucy Braless
Sounds good Veal & I will watch this one 2nd run no doubt..
Im glad to see your gettin out & doin stuff....

Are you part polar bear...Its cold outside...???
04 December 2007, 08:07 PM
If ya see this flick, be prepared for the anti-Hollywood, expectation-defying ending. Some folks have been extremely unhappy with a thinkin' person's ending. Made my noggin' hurt but i enjoyed it much.
15 February 2008, 10:52 PM
Brucy Braless
This was ok to good ..nothin Spectacular. /

Ive forgot the ending in the 2weeks since Ive seen it. Smile Confused Razz