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The Devil Wears Prada
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Just got back from this movie and I must say I was quite pleased with it. For those of you who don't know me, I work in a book store, and remember when this book came out. I had no interest in it then, and have never changed that opinion. Until, now. One of the previews for this caught my attention, and then a group of my friends wanted to see it so I decided to tag along. Afterall, it has Merill Streep (sp?) How bad can it be?

On to the point. I haven't read the book, so I'm not sure how close the adaptaion is, but the movie, on it's own, was excellet! The acting was good, the story made sense, the plot was there, you laughed, you cried, overall it was a good movie. Maybe not the best, but definately good. I think anyone who doesn't need constant action will like this movie.

What really surprised me was that this movie gave me a whole new perspective on the fasion industry. Not saying I completely understand or admire the whole thing. But I definately have a new point of view.
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I haven't read the book either but I plan to see the movie. So far all I know about the credits is the writer for that film is a friend of Katherine Fugate.
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I saw this tomite...
it was ok

It wasnt funny enuff to be a comedy wasnt serious enuff to be.. well Serious.
& wasnt Interesting enuff to be that long...

6 months from now Ill need to be reminded of what it was.

I said Duh!
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I'm waiting to see this film coz there ain't much else out there that I want to see.

The last great film I saw was hoodwinked, and I saw Nacho Libre the other day for a laugh. It was funny if you're a fan of Jack Black.

Oh, I also saw the Lady in the Water. It had some good moments, mostly thanks to Paul Giamatti (or however you spell his name) but it was directed in a very shoddy fashion. You could see the boom microphone in many of the shots.


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I havne't seen any of the movies you guys mentioned..I'm so sorry i didn't see the devil wears prda..The trailers for it looked good and i promised myself i go see it but , i never di get to go..I was suppose to go tonite with a friend to see the black dahlia but, she cancelled at the last minute..Any of you have seen it and if so , was it any good?

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