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If you haven't seen this yet, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? It's every bit as good as the trailer shows. Very cute,there's even more funny parts than the trailer shows as well. It's good for adults and children alike, many things that both would think is funny. Not to mention, DON'T MISS THE PREVIEWS!! There's a really cute short film by Pixar in the beginning. Pretty funny.

Anyways, my favorite character was 'Mater, he cracks me up. Go see this people! Big Grin
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yes.. my 6 year old enjoyed this very much..

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i saw it this week & thought it was awesome. so many funny details...

can't wait til it comes out on's a keeper!


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Yes this is finally at the Cheapy Theatre.
Its GOOD !!
Im not a cartoon fan.
But I like this one.
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Great film, saw this on dvd this weekend. But ya know, this storyline reminded me of the "Doc Hollywood" movie. Which isn't bad, just that it reminded me of that movie.

My favorite subplot was the focus on Route 66. There's no short changing the coolness of the Great American Road. Get off that damn interstate, ya'll!
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I bought the DVD for my nephew then promptly turned to his mom when he opened it and asked when I can babysit so that I get to see it. I think I get to see it this weekend. If the 2 and a half year old cooperates! Wink
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I think I was one of the only people who was actually bored with this movie. I think it was Pixar's worst. I bought it because I loved the others and wasn't able to see it in theaters. I'm considering trading it in for something else.
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