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I'm surprised not to find a topic for this movie after yet another long absence of mine.

This movie is truly phenomenal! The action was breath-taking and the CG was gorgeous as well. The story is of course about the 300 Spartans who stood against the gi-normous Persian army.

Quirky humor also made for some good, well timed laughs as well.

This will be one I buy as soon as it hits DVD.
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OH yeah, me too. I've seen it twice in the theatres.

And I can appreciate a fine physique even if it doesn't do much else for me.

Gerard Butler was meant to Leonidas and not the Phantom of the Opera.

Definitely gonna pick it up once it's on DVD


I <3 4 foot 11, blonde, operatic wonders from Oklahoma.

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Well I didnt start a thread for it 'cause Ive not seen it yet. joxer
Im gettin a bit old for Violent Comic book movies. smash

I will see it when its up @ the Cheapy theatre Im glad you both liked it.
I hope Val & I will too.

I seem to start most of the movie threads .
I was thinkin maybe not many others enjoyed a nite @ the flix... Smile
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