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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
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I am so FREAKIN excited for this movie! I know there's not much time left, but let's hear it - what are your dreams and hopes for the next installment in the Harry Potter movies?

The first time I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I remember feeling incredibly uncomfortable throughout the entire book because the emotions were so...different...than they were in the preceding four books. The feeling was grief ridden, broody, angsty, and - frankly - Harry annoyed the piss outta me sometimes. I still loved the book, of course, but there was quite a change in the overall feel. I'm curious to see if the movie can convey this as effectively.

Now, I hate Umbitch. I despise her more than any other characted in the books (more so than Percy or Lord Voldemort himself.) What I'm most curious to see is if the actress who plays her is going to be able to make me hate her just as much as JKR's words were able to. Umbitch is slithery, vile, cruel, evil and just downright WICKED. From the looks of it, the actress is set to play stern...but I don't know if she will be able to play wicked so well...we shall see I guess.

Another thing I'm curious about is how they're going to show Harry's grief at losing Sirius. One thing that really bothered me about GoF is that they didn't seem to play hard enough on the fact that Sirius was Harry's first real taste of what family is. I don't think they took nearly enough time to develop their relationship in the movie - which, if you're also a book reader isn't a problem, you know they're tight - but in the movie...they kinda glossed over it. Now, maybe they'll be focusing on the Harry/Sirius relationship more in this movie - I hope they do anyway - but if they don't, how are we to believe that Harry's going to be that shook up about it?

I also can't WAIT to see the Room of Requirement!

Ok, I've said some of my thoughts - anyone else?
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Honestly, OotP was my least favorite HP book. I just couldn't stand that thing. Mainly because I hated the whiny, emo Harry schpeel. It's one thing to have Harry all emo and depressed, it's another to have like 300 pages devoted solely to his whining. Razz

So while I hated OotP as a book, I actually think this story will work really well on the movie screen. We all know how much they love to chop huge ol' sections out of the books to be able to fit stuff into the movie... well, I'm hoping they continue on that route and chop out ohh...275 pages of whiny emo Harry, lol. Wink I think the movie will allow emo Harry to come through...and be all enticing instead of annoying. At least that's my hope for it.

I can't wait till July 11th. I'm currently trying to figure out whether I want to brave the first weekend crowds or wait a couple weeks...but then I say to myself, "WAIT A COUPLE OF WEEKS?!" and that just seems unfathomable. I'm such a fangirl. Razz
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I love the movies for what they are and I love the books for what they are. Some things in the books wouldn't work in the movies I don't think. AS for Harry's whinyness, so far the trailers I've seen of Daniel's portrayal(now i love Daniel don't get me wrong....) make him REAL whiny. In the book, I saw Harry as a tough, ANGRY teen, with the capacity to be REAL belligerent with someone like Umbridge, not "whiney." I hope he's really able to get ballsy with this...I've loved his sensitive portrayals in the other movies, and I loved the ballsy way he handled the Dursleys after he blew up Aunt Marge. THAT I would really love to see in this movie. I just hope we don't get Danny Whiner LOL.

As for Umbitch, yeah I agree Jubs, I hope she's REAL nasty. Not just stern. I can't really add much more to what you said but I do NOT want to feel sorry for her the way I felt sorry for Veruca Salt in Johnny Depp's "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory."(don't get me started...WHOLE other topic lol.Mad)

I want to see Sirius and Harry really talk, up close and personal, the way him and Lupin talked in POA. I DO want to see Lupin, and see his relationship with Sirius re-established so that HIS shock and grief is believable when Sirius dies too. I want to see the battle for umm, "custody" as it were, of Harry, between Molly Weasley and Sirius.

"He's not your son!"

"He's as good as! Who else has he got?"

"He's got ME!"

"He's not JAMES, Sirius!"

I want to see Harry scare the piss out of Hermione and Ron the way he did in the book. I want him to look like a "menace" in parts.

I WANNA SEE PERCY, DAMMIT!Razz And I want to believe his split from the family. Of course they cut him totally from GOF which IRKED me...oh well.

I for one am looking forward to Snape and the Occlumancy lessons, and Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix...and Neville confronting her. I want to see Neville meet his parents. And I am REALLY looking forward to seeing Voldemort again. nasty.Big Grin

You know what I REALLY hated about GOF? Dumbledore on Crack.Razz What was up with that? Well maybe in OOTP it will be a BIT more appropriate, then would be nice to see him calm and cool like he's actually supposed to be...sometimes.Roll Eyes

"Even when you're down and blue, just remember that someone out there loves you, even if you don't know it and even if you haven't yet met them. There's someone out there waiting for you, remember that and keep faith. You'll get there."
~~Johnny Depp.

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Haven't seen it yet but will when i'm on vacation. It's on IMAX in Indy. Anyone seen it on IMAX? Saw the second Matrix on IMAX and it made the movie better than what it really was!
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let's hear it - what are your dreams and hopes for the next installment in the Harry Potter movies?

I have watched the movies & will never ever read the books...
but I hope they go really far off script & have Hermoine possessed by Evil Xena who shouts "Kill Em All" & then proceeds to do just that. Maybe she could Skewer a whole umm Outhouse fulla Annoying Dweeb-age.
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Saw the movie today on the huge IMAX screen in Indy. The last 20 minutes were in 3D, this was the part where the Harry & pals go to the Ministry in hope of rescuing Sirius. The 3D part looked fantastic, and the monster size screen add to the fun, but sadly, this is my least favorite HP film though it's from my fave HP book.


The chick who played Luna was cool though i could hardly understand what she was saying sometimes.

The fight between Dumbledore & Voldermort

Umbridge seemed well cast and that part of the story worked

The Army thing, HP teaching the others in the secret room


There wasn't enough of the Order itself, specifically Tonks, or that elf thing in Sirius' house. The ending was a bit blah.

Not enough of what else was happening at school. Hermione & Ron seemed to be more background coverage than having a part in the story. It wasn't that way in the book.

There's no chemistry between Cho & HP, or Ginny & HP. Seems pointless bringing these romances on film. But a lotta electricity between Hermione & HP (not just the characters in the book, but the actors on film).

Snape seemed so robotic. It's the worst use of a character I've seen in the HP movies.

i hear David Yates will again direct the next HP. That's too bad. Hope he does better next time.
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Kreatur, I LOVE KREATUR!!!!!!! (or however you spell that...LOL!
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