Golden Compass

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20 December 2007, 01:47 AM
Brucy Braless
Golden Compass
She liked it more than I did its good but not great I would say../
I dont know what the religious fuss is about the
'Magisterium' reminded me more of GWB & our new america than the Catholic church....LOL
03 May 2008, 05:23 PM
Red-headed chick is the center of attention in this flick. Her uncle (Daniel Craig) is some big shot politico-scientist or whatever. Nicole Kidman plays a conniving kidsnapper. Then there are giant bears, gypsies, Sam Elliot as a gunslinger (typecast!) and animals as souls on yer outside.

Never read the book, dun know about any religious fuss and the Magisterium didn't seem as villainous as i'd hoped for. But i really enjoyed this movie. The red-headed chick (Dakota Blue Richards) steals the show. If they're gonna do sequels they best hurry cuz Richards will be blooming fast and outgrow that part.