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Flight 93 & Omen
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I saw the Omen with X-men Last Stand at the Drive In wednesday.

The Omenis kinda lame hasnt got alot of action & doesnt build suspense well.
Xmen is definitely the better of the 2.

I should start by saying I only went toFlight 93 cause Val wanted to go.

My gut reaction to the first I had heard of this film was..."money grubbing bass-turds are trying to make Ca$h off of a national tragedy."

I intended to avoid it...

be that as it may..on to whatI thought..

its REALLY hectic & designed to give a feel ofwht it was like at various places that were in the loop so to speak.
It gave both me & Val a headache,Its got constant voices in the background maybe 100% of the time.Mostly repeating what someone else just said.

Its probably fairly accurate.Sorta makes you feel like your in the thick of it..
as if that where one might wanna be.

I thought I would be more depressed at the end than I was.
Thankfully they dont really delve deeply into the deceased characters.
I dont wanna get to know whom the terrorists killed.Its just too depressing.

It did however bring up ALOT of the things that pissed me off about the sucess of the terrorists.

Did you know that the architect of the World Trade Center...DESIGNED them to surviuve an Airplane Crash..???

They failed because the jets of the day were much smaller & held less fuel...

Im SHOCKED ...yes its Still possible to shock me..

Im SHOCKED that the airline industry got off scott-free.
Its their fault this attack was SOOOooo easy.
they claimed No One clould have anticipated that ....
Hmm .....a certain architect did over 30 years ago.
People in the Industry..have NO EXCUSE for NOT ANTICIPATING something like this..
I know you disagree..but its just different when youre part of something every day...
Gee.... anyone remember Kamikazes...???

It annoys me that the government is expected to cover security costs after they abandoned us to chance for decades.
Its NOT Like terrorists hadnt commandeered jets before.
They just thought a few deaths was an acceptable loss...
why pay for excessive security...??
And they were out-thunk by Osama.

DID you know that sky marshalls have a DRESS
& are required to get ON THE PLANE 1st in FULL VIEW OFTHE PASSENGERS & any Terrorist who might be among them so their COVER IS BLOWN
the terrorists know EXACTLY who they are & THEY have no idea whos gonna take them out so they can STILL make their hijackin work.. Roll Eyes

theres more but Im sicka typin.

AMericans have become smug & stupid & fulla shit.
We wil NOT be top dog in the word for much longer..
Unless we wake the F up...

<insert disgust smiley here>
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