Big Brother '06

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24 April 2006, 04:20 AM
Big Brother '06
Okay, I couldn't resist. I hope other people caved and watched it too..

What do you think of this years housemates? Got any early favourites? I don't yet.. I don't think. I think Camilla intrigued me. If that was her name, and if that's who I mean..

Did you pick the mother and daughter? I guessed that Karen was someones, pretty much just based on the fact that she's 36, and everyone else is like 25 and under.

Gretel's hair was weird. Like Patsy's beehive had slipped down the back of her head Smile

So um, yes, looking forward to Friday Night Live, and hoping I'm not the only fool watching..
25 April 2006, 06:39 AM
This fool ALWAYS watches BB.

They seem to have a good mix of people in, so far.

I try not to make my mind up who I like until I've seen a bit of how they think and act towards other people.

I like the secret mother/daughter thing and the insider (although I don't think he's gonna be very good at his job).

And yes, I'll be watching Friday Night Live, too.


28 April 2006, 07:26 AM
Yay Friday Night Live Big Grin

I missed Karen's team walking along the plank with the 'dinosaur eggs' though, coz my sister rang. I saw Krystals team do it, and who was it, Till that went A over T off the plank Big Grin

I'd be so bad in those challenges with the slippery floor. One step and I'd be straight on the ground. I'm not the most graceful person on dry ground as it is smash

When they were celebrating at the end by spraying water and apple juice (?) I think it was Katie who quoted "My eyes! Where's Fallout Boy?" in Reiner Wolfecastle's voice from The Simpsons. It wasn't an accurate quote, but it still made me chuckle. Smile

It would have been more fun if they were REAL mousetraps though..
29 April 2006, 12:54 AM
Hehehee, Gaelen picked the Bow Tie XD

Poor bastard.

I was thinking "Oh no!" when he whispered to Katie "I'll go with 3".

I loved the reaction shot of David, Mike and Bree though, each of them frozen and clutching their faces XD

I liked when David was talking to Mike and Bree about his and Greg's North Pole trek and saying they were thinking of the Simpson Desert next.

Mike: What next? The Moon?
David: Thinking about the South Pole
Bree: Who has this much time on their hands? Oh yeah, people with a million dollars
Mike: (to Bree) You do. All you do is the Friday Night games, and now this. You should go with them. Go on. Go!

It made my chuckle. Har har har Smile
30 April 2006, 06:34 AM
So, a revenge room eh? Interesting little twist.

I too am confused as to how they get revenge if they aren't allowed any contact with the housemates and can only leave when instructed to.

It'll be interesting to find out what they do.

I felt sorry for Camilla, when they got to see who nominated them, and it showed them that Camilla nominated Anna Razz Awkward

Edit: Forgot to say, I liked it when Karen and Krystal were revealed. It was fun to watch ^__^

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01 May 2006, 07:17 AM
I thought the three point twist tonight was a pearler.

FIVE people up for eviction!!

Housemates really suck at nominating. I suppose it's tougher than it looked.

BB forgot Aaron's name AGAIN.

I think my head is starting to hurt from all the different stuff this year. I do like that we can give votes to keep people as well as to evict them. Should stop people from going under the radar.

Can't wait for the special show tonight. I'm taping it so I have BB memories to keep. Smile


01 May 2006, 07:17 PM
who's aaron..?

i've been watching along happily. i picked that david was gay from the start ^_^. i must admit that i was put off when he started talking about his ex-wife, but then i reminded myself that she IS and EX-wife.. Smile. anyway, i was really hoping that he'd be in the relationship with jamie or someone. ah well.

my favourites so far i think are david, jamie, and dino based purely on looks and the possibility of drunken spa shennannigans Razz, and also claire (the tiger lady?) because it's like if i was in the house, with all her animal loving and human hating. interested to see how that works out Smile

05 May 2006, 07:44 AM
Hehe, Aaron. Poor Ashley, no one knows him smash

The games were fun tonight. My personal highlight was Elise immediately slipping over upon stepping onto the slippery mat in the rolling challenge Big Grin

I liked after those stupid Ninja Tips they do, when Fitzy was asking if it was only doorbells you could do it for, while jotting down some notes. It reminded me of Homer Simpson taking notes for his test when he goes back to school ('dead wife' underlined) and also Dr. Zoidberg, writing down: "Blood thicker water"

I think I like Claire as well now. Camilla and Claire are my favourites.

I reckon poor Elise will probably be evicted on Sunday. She's such a little trooper though Razz

PS I bet Dino picks the Camambert Cheese XD

edited to add: I forgot to say, when Dino and Claire were in the reward room looking at the food.

Dino: Is there vegetarian stuff for you?
Claire: It's okay, I can have corn.

Hehee, it just seemed so cute ^_^

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05 May 2006, 08:58 AM
*snort* He got the cheese Big GrinBig Grin

How unlucky is that? Razz

I loved the little picture in picture of Mike and Bree, when they were trying to remember what was in box 1, and when they remembered it was the cheese, the horrified looks again ^_^
05 May 2006, 05:39 PM
i want michael or tilli to go this week..

i did hear somewhere is was gunna be a double eviction

also, i really don't like that galean bloke... he erks me for some reason.

06 May 2006, 02:01 AM
i reckon Elise will go this week coz she's been boring.

i'm not having favourites this year - voting out the boring ones and the bullies, just like last year.


15 May 2006, 11:27 AM
I wasn't unhappy to see Karen booted on Sunday as I found her a bit boring.

I'm sad that Dino isn't up for eviction this week as he's probably the housemate I least enjoy watching, at the moment.

It will be fun watch Michael squirm when he is unmasked, as well as the Intruders.

I just have to decide whether I will watch the O.C. and Rove for the updates.


15 May 2006, 09:32 PM
eh, i'm cringing at the "gay hairdresser".. i'm worried he's going to be all over david, and david will be too nice to say anything, and that guy does not look attractive enough for that to be a good situation! >.<

poor david. he made me cry last night. god i hate it when guys cry like that... *tear*

i'm really concerned that that conversation was confined to "adults only" though. did anyone watch it? he was talking about how a couple of guys he knew killed themselves because they couldn't deal with being gay (or having to not be gay, i guess), and he said that he almost did it himself a few times. it was intense, but i'd really hate to think that that kind of information is bypassing the people who need it most, the non-adults who are maybe a bit more confused about who they are and how they can be that without having to end it all in defeat...

aaanyway...there were some less dramatic aspects of adults only...

for example: pole-land Razz. i wish they had have shown that bit they showed on FNG with ashley dancing all over it, hehehe.. he became a lot more interesting after that Razz

meanwhile, i think i've officially settled on who i might bother to actually make phone calls to keep in, should they be up for nomination: david and jamie (and no, it has nothing to do with jamie's.. junk Razz. well, actually, i guess david's reaction to it made me like him more, hehe).

ah, why didn't i realise before that uncut was this much fun ^_^?

18 May 2006, 07:19 AM
My favourite show so far of this year was the outing of the insider and the entry of the intruders.

Michael is such an arrogant schmuck and such a big sook. It's fun to see him squirm.

I like Rob the best so far out of the newbies.

Dino is a VERY strange individual. He's nice one minute and a bitch the next.

Jamie keeps getting more lovely by the day. I'm so glad him and Katie are together - they are my favourites so far.

Things are starting to get more interesting. Hope they continue to do so.


22 May 2006, 07:18 PM
i was wrong about rob. turns out david WANTS to be pounced on Razz. good for them.

i was also wrong about being bothered to vote to save david, heh. sms.. such an effort.. i would have felt REALLY bad if he had have left though. but he didn't, so good. more fun for me Smile

"adults only" wasn't as fun last night. ashley wasn't pole-dancing Frown. what was left was kind of gross.. maybe i just got lucky the other night.

23 May 2006, 05:58 AM
I haven't seen enough of Rob to form an opinion. All I can say is the obvious thing, whih is his hair. Strange..

I don't know if I wanted Anna to be evicted on Sunday. But then, who *did* I want to be evicted? *shrugs*..

I remembered what it was that Bree said that made me laugh on Up Late friday night. When she and Mike were requesting you send a photo of yourself watching the show in, and Bree said "Send us your picture and we'll stick it up on the screen and say funny things about you" it just seemed so silly, hehe.. So yes, I'm in a tolerating Bree mood at the moment. I'm sure she'll do something to enrage me again soon though.

Also, Deftones was where I first went too, when 'Def' was revealed on the band name thing, even though I'd seen the leopard Razz
24 May 2006, 02:06 AM
rob needs to shave his head.

25 May 2006, 10:00 AM
I hope Camilla doesn't go on Sunday.

What is UP with all these boys who won't do anything with these oh so eager young women. Not even kiss!!


Oh yeah, and David wouldn't even kiss Rob. Blimey!! Get with it, boyo.

I hope John or Michael go on Sunday. John is boring and Michael is boring ever since he hasn't been the Insider.

I'm enjoying Friday Night Live.

Katie rocks! And she was born on the same day as me, which explains why she is so fantastique!! Big Grin


26 May 2006, 11:18 PM
Hehe, those eating challenges are gross Razz Funny when Danielle threw up the first time, while she was facing the camera and the milky goo just shot out XD

Uck, imagine eating a spoonful of wasabi. That can't have felt good. I liked the way Danielle was daintily eating the chili though, lol.

That pigs head.. disgusting.. *queasy*
27 May 2006, 01:24 AM
Katie is one of my favs, i don't have a huge fav though, like i usually do.

i'm not sure of any of the insiders yet, everytime i think i might like em, they do something i don't
i want john to go over mike, just cause he is boring, but i don't like michael

when are the girls gunna start nominating just the boys, it would bloody help girls leaving each week (as per usual)

glad i missed last night FNG's then

28 May 2006, 04:04 AM
I found the fish eyes to be the most revolting, closely followed by the pig eyes.

What was worse, Ame, is that they had to dig 'em out of the actual fish and pig head with their fingers.

Danielle did a massive milky spew right at the end, too. What a little trooper!

*feels nauseous*


29 May 2006, 06:33 AM
Heh, watching the nominations. Gretel and Michael. That was fun. She was gettin maad. I wanted to see her slap him, but she has much self restraint.
29 May 2006, 10:56 AM
I think they should put Michael in a booth and sell tickets for $1 to anyone who wants to slap him.

And televise it.


30 May 2006, 08:56 PM
hehehe, michael on rove.. he says what we're all thinking Razz

02 June 2006, 12:11 PM
Katie a winner is you!

I love this woman. What a star!

She's got Jamie, the rewards room AND the best prize.

I liked the games tonight. The limbo was fun.

People were able to do the obstacle course without stacking it everywhere, too.

I reckon Jade and Dino will go this weekend. Well, I hope Dino goes. Then Dani can get with John. Big Grin