Australian Idol

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29 August 2005, 07:35 AM
Australian Idol
well, just when i thought i was going to have to spend my sunday and monday nights watching paint dry and listening to cats being hit with violins, group three delivers some talent Razz

ok, to be fair, i wasn't really paying attention to the first two groups. maybe there were some gems that slipped by me, but i don't think i'll personally need to worry about that.

lee! lee! he's my man! if he can't do it, go go dan! Big Grin

(that almost took a whole minute to come up with - i demand you all be caught up in the chanting!)

i'm also very pleased that natalie got in. and james (the bit of eye-candy) got into the wild-card round, woo Smile. all-in-all i've had a very pleasant evening, and am thinking that the top twelve might not be lookin' too shabby afterall Razz

anyone gots any favourites yet? hoping for any second chances in the wild card??

29 August 2005, 08:08 AM
I'm very impressed with your chant Wink

From tonight's group of ten, I liked Leah, Natalie and Lee, so I'm happy those two got through. Too bad about Leah though Frown

I already can't remember the other 20 contestants.. All I know is I hope Roxanne get's into the top 12. Smile
04 September 2005, 07:12 AM
I thought the judges only put one person through, and the other two got left up to the public? Not the other way around..

It's probably for the best that the judges get two choices though smash

I still want Roxane (only one N, sorry) to go through. She's just so happy all the time Smile
04 September 2005, 11:47 PM
i like roxane. james would be fun, and michael seemed "haunting", but meh. whatever happens happens. it's aaall just more background noise for lee Razz

11 September 2005, 08:04 AM
well, speaking of background noise for lee, what in the HELL were they thinking, letting him sing that song in a punk-rock way, but keeping the backing music as the same old pub-rock genre? it was NEVER going to work. i thought the choruses sounded really cool (he was understandably hesitant on the verses) and i would like to hear him attempt it again some day, with APROPRIATE music...

mark keeps saying karaoke to everyone - well hello, if you don't have an actual band for them to sing to and work with, that's pretty much what they're doing Roll Eyes

as far as song choices go, i must say i was impressed. "the day you went away" - eeee Big Grin. and not one but TWO john farnham songs (two of my favourites, which don't often get the recognition they deserve), and a hunters & collectors doubleshot to boot. (what on god's green eath was mark trying to prove, asking lee what the lyrics "mean to you". the lyrics are literal - they're about the search for the actual holy grail - but then, as lee said, there is the metaphor of searching for something that you really want. woo for marcia saying that how ever he wanted to interpret it was fine!). i was slightly alarmed that there was nothing terribly recent offered though (well, powderfinger, but i think the less said about that, the better). i thought for sure that lee would have gone for grinspoon, and that dan would have just stopped trying to fight it and sang "zebra" Razz

my pics of the night were paulini (i can't remember her real name), and dan for best performances. lee and james get encouragement awards...also my votes.

hehe, how cool is it that he draws x-men characters Big Grin?

11 September 2005, 09:41 AM
Well I don't know which one is Paulini. I think I can think of at least 4 O.o..

I don't know who I liked best..

This year isn't fun for me yet, I have no one to be attached too.

I like Roxane and all, but I don't know if I'd actually buy her album.. I still don't even have Casey's album.. *shamed*

If only Chanel had gotten to release an album..

Maybe she'll release one with Daniel. They were singing on GMA the other morning..

Also, I can't remember anyone elses names besides Roxane. And Lee, of course, you've hammered that into my head enough Razz

But yes, it is cool that he draws X-Men characters Big Grin

He should sing the X-Men theme song for one of his performances.

Not that it has words..

He could be the instruments..

"Niddle-iddle niw-niw-niw"

12 September 2005, 03:37 AM
Well I just sent through a vote for Roxane and one for Milly.

Now we'll see what happens..
12 September 2005, 06:51 AM
Well, I'm glad I voted for Milly. I'd like to think it was my vote that saved her Cool

No more Tarni and Chris, Ba Lu Fa Yu Big Grin

Not you, but you know what I mean..
12 September 2005, 07:29 AM
lol, i

sweet merciful crap, lee got through!!Big Grin. you have no idea how glad i am that i cast those extra two votes for him just before neighbours started.

i was trying to eat dinner when they were letting people through, and i started feeling sick after they'd got through the first row of people with only one in the bottom three. i had to stop eating until after they did lee and james. they were so happy for each other Smile.

and now we have to wait til next week to do it aaaall again...

12 September 2005, 07:38 AM
Heh, I'm imagining you with the fork halfway to your wide open mouth, not moving for at least 5 minutes Big Grin

Isn't Idol fun, the constant fear of your favourite being eliminated, heart thumping in your chest action on a weekly basis ^_^

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19 September 2005, 02:13 AM
i enjoyed lee and millie's photo shoots ^_^. "yes yes yes, NO! NO!" hehehehehehee. someone said that he's not as strong a singer as everyone else but he makes up for it by performing good. that's a fair call. i'm finding myself more interested in his personality than his singing, but i did love the song choice Smile. eee how cute was he as a beatle, and millie chasing after him ^_^?

speaking of cute - or HOT - james!! why does he not look like that all the time!? enough of this spikey-haired shy guy, i want 007 baby!! his performance was fun also Smile

singing, i'd say that emily was by FAR the best (if that wasn't a touch-down performance then i don't know what the hell is), and i also thought that kate and dan did really well. laura looked the best - *i* don't think she smiled too much...

hehehe, that tiny little lee... i'm so happy for him that the real lee shook his hand. the kid didn't know what to do ^_^

19 September 2005, 06:32 AM
Heh, I can't help but feel a little sorry for Laura Razz Being in that situation again, making it through when the other person didn't.

Natalie's sister or whatever didn't look too pleased, hehehe..

She's going to be getting a lot of hate her way I think..

Let's hope she doesn't do anything drastic..

On the plus side, Roxy and Milly are still there Smile
19 September 2005, 09:26 AM
i wasn't too worried about lee tonight, but i didn't like seeing james in the bottom three Frown. poor natalie. she was nice.

25 September 2005, 07:28 AM
half an hour later and i'm still singing bohemian rhapsody. such is the power of that song...even if it is questionably mangled (lyrically speaking). emily rock'd da hows. o.o


it was SOOOO cool! see? YOU SEE??? THIS is what i was talking about with "holy grail" - lee was trying to sing it in a punk-rock way to a regular backing track, which didn't work. but once he got the band in - a REAL band - he was able to mold "roxanne" into his own little super-punk creation. GOD i love him!>.<

milly was also swell Smile

heh heh heh... "ass kissers" Razz
james matheson had neat shoes ^_^

26 September 2005, 07:30 AM
Well Laura's gone. I was starting to feel sorry for her, for all of the attacks directed at her. I was half expecting her to scream last night or her father, I'm assuming, to get up and start hitting people.

I know I was against her, making my own snide remarks, but when I do it it's cute!

I was really starting to worry for her mental health..

I was surprised Daniel was in the bottom three. I thought he did good, singing TNT.. but what do I know..

But yay, Roxane and Milly live to see another day ^_^

It really would be fun if that pit from The Simpsons was involved..
26 September 2005, 08:39 AM
i think daniel was in the bottom three because the people that would vote for him based on "tnt" being his song choice, wouldn't have appreciated the way he sang it. and the people that would vote for him because they liked the way he sang it, wouldn't have been overly familiar with the song...

plus, my parents don't like him. they think he's just a shannon wannabe. he squints too much for my liking...

02 October 2005, 07:14 AM
Heh, I found it funny that Kyle said negative things about Emily's appearance, while I was thinking "She looks nice tonight" Razz

Anne's probably going to have a lot to live up to. Last week Kyle throws water at Mark after her performance. This week, Mark walks off after her performance. What will happen next week? Eek

Though, Mark did walk off due to everyone, not just Anne specifically, but still..

I don't know what my favourite performance was tonight, but I'll say it now that if Anne were to win, I wouldn't be upset.

I miss Chanel and Hayley Frown

edit: Spook! Aaah!

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02 October 2005, 11:48 AM
ooOOOooo. impressive Smile

well, i thought anne was good. kate was the best, i think. lee was good but i'm still annoyed that, of all the green day songs in the world (about 30 of which i know and like), he picked that one. it bores me. it's too slow to be jumped around and too fast to be stood still to. it's stupid >.<. and mark was right to abuse him for not caring about the lyrics. kyle and marcia had a good point about just grooving to things though... he should have sung something else.

and milly...oh milly...what WAS she thinking?? that's like the worst song that no doubt ever released! and gwen stefani sings it annoyingly - which is intentional - but milly just sounded plain annoying. bah!

i'd have walked out too if i was mark (though not based on anne's performance). i wonder if he's coming back next week? i wonder if my dream about him leaving marcia and kyle to their own devices to persue a carreer in producing musical theatre was correct? i wonder if this means that they'll make me the new idol judge o.o?

my mum says i'm good at it...

03 October 2005, 06:31 AM
Well there goes the last lingering thread of my interest in the show..


Goodbye Roxane, it was nice knowing you Frown
04 October 2005, 04:06 AM
aww Frown

here's something for you - i think that someone said that the robertson brothers (the h&a theme guys) were singing back-up on sunday night o.O

i meant to post this earlier, but considering my first impulse about posting in this thread on sunday night was "not now, i'm too drunk", i think we should be lucky that i remembered at all...

04 October 2005, 05:58 AM
Heh, go the Robertson Brothers Big Grin Incidentally, today I was wishing we were at the Carols By Candlelight at Gosford o.o

Also, I think I've decided I want Kate to win now.
09 October 2005, 07:38 AM
lee was so cute! he had his hair all slicked back and his piercings out and a pin-stripe vest - VEST!! and ahhh Big GrinBig Grin

also he sung good Smile. strange lyrics though. something about a monkey riding a buzzard...he said it was about drugs. everyone just sort of went with it...

james was hot. he sang that "when the rumba rhythm start to play..." song. "sway". he too had slicky hair, but not quite so much as lee. he looked all james bond like again, *pant* Razz

emily got a touchdown (first of the season, i believe), but i didn't think her song was that great - no more than usual, i mean. i thought kate was better. i was still happy for emily though. i'm counting it as a cumulative touchdown for all her performances leading up to this point. her boyfriend was in the audience. andrew said to him "you're a very very lucky boy. you're going to be very happy tonight" and then they said that the name of the song was "all the way", hehehe ^_^

and their whacky antics didn't end there. james said something about on big band night, you should have a really big horn o.o. and at one point they came back from commercial, and andrew was playing the piano while james was laying across it singing "theeeeere was a boy... a very strange, enchanted boy...they say he wandered very far... very far.. really far... a long long way...*checks lyrics*" ^_^

hehe, and then john foreman said to andrew "i have a request" "yeah, what is it?" "get off!" and then andrew and james scampered away ^_^

and and and daniel was saying something about his hand moving about on the microphone too much when he was singing - "it has a mind of it's own!" and then andrew says "yeah, that's what i say about mine too.."


god tonight was filthy ^_^

james asked this old lady in the audience to swing dance with him, and then he claimed that he'd pulled a hammy, and then she said "i think i pulled more than that!" and he said "i don't think i want to know!" and then they crossed to andrew, who was introducing (the other) james and said "a man who's pulled a lot of things..." hehehe

and STILL that's not all! james and andrew announced that "john foreman: the book!" had been released, to which john said "i didn't even know it had been finished, but okay," and andrew said that his favourite part was the centerfold Razz. and then when john was done saying what it was actually about (how to get into the music industry and such), andrew flipped the book open and held it sideways, saying "'s great...Smile. actually, i might get you to sign it for me later..."

best. episode. ever! ^_^

shame you missed it...

10 October 2005, 06:42 AM
Hehe, it's probably a good thing I didn't watch. Otherwise the filthiness probably never would have happened..

Nice report by the way. I expect you to do one for the verdict show now -_-
10 October 2005, 10:06 PM
hehe, thanks Smile


well, the verdict show was pretty boring. the highlight was seeing james (cannis) stuck in a children's slide at ronald mcdonald house. he asked a little kid to help him and the kid just laughed, shook it's head, and ran away ^_^. james matheson was fun also when he stumbled in, half-way through the day, dazed and confused and covered in balloons. the children rolled him and stole the gifts he'd brought for them Big Grin

the song they performed all together was sooooo bad. they decided to do a big band version of "are you gonna be my girl?" by jet o.o. it... didn't go well. the poor dears were trying, but it just wasn't happenning. kate and kyle seemed to be getting pretty friendly though...she was hugging his neck and he had his eyes closed peacefully, so he was either really enjoying it, or she was choking him to death...

when asked if he still hated big band, kyle said yes. heh Razz

and so, 40 minutes later than necessary, the verdict came. all anyone could say was that they were shocked to see dan in the bottom three and that they would miss milly but hey, we were all expecting it. no one said that they thought dan might go Frown

it's true, but they shouldn't say it.

also, they showed some new anthony film clip with crazy italian singing. he was dancing around at the top of a flight of stairs, sliding against the railings and stuff. all i could think was, i hope he finds a nice boy some day. someone that'll treat him right o.o. i don't remember if i liked the song.

goodbye milly, we hardly knew ye.

p.s., did i know she was only 17 o.o?

17 October 2005, 06:39 AM
Heh, I was occaisionally flicking back and forth between channels, and saw Jackie O there, but then I also saw James taking out that poor little childs sign behind him.. Razz

I bet you were ticked off, with Daniel being in the bottom three, but not going, eh? Especially since the other James is gone now.

I wasn't that fond of anyone in the bottom three this week, so it didn't really matter to me who went..

Yay Kate for not being in it Smile