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Whadja give?
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What was the favorite gift you gave this year? What tickled your mom, dad, partner, spouce, friend, sibling, teacher, pet? You get the picture.


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Scroll Desperado
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i took mama xc to the mall- which strangely enough cleared once all the shoppers got a gander at me- and told her to pick out whatever she wants. Ain't i a worthy son? Plus i surprised her with some gift cards to her fave places and some stuff from an online cat lovers store.

The cat who owns me got a buncha ribbons- out of a box, not off presents, no no- to scoot around the house. Plus she got to sleep in late cuz i'm on both mental & physical vacations this week.

Others got gift cards. Gift cards seem to be the thing to get anymore. Anybuddy want to get me a gift card from or Dusty Groove, hmmm?
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mom.. two long sleeved shirts (a puzzle and 2 cards for her b-day)
dad.. a mock turtleneck and a sweater
sis.. a t-shirt, a jacket and a hat
roomie.. a singing bowl
her bro.. an ornament with a picture of them
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Scroll Addict
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My Best Friend = A Buffy Cross Necklace from factory X - An exact replica of the one given to Buffy from Angel... I thought it was rad.
I gave a lot to my family and stuff... but I was very excited after finding that neckalce. Smile
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Paco--deluxe beer making kit plus ingredients and 20 qt stock pot. He's got his English Ale all boiled and mixed and in the glass carboy doohickey already. He goes down to the basement a thousand times a day to check the fermentation.

Paco Jr.--Nintendo DS and some socks. The rest he could take or leave, I think. sigh

Heitie Jr.--grown-up easel. She's already done a painting on a real canvas while wearing a smock and holding a palette. I think her other favorite is her new snuggly robe. She wears it all day with her fuzzy pink slippers Smile She also loves her Cinderella and Winx Club dvds. She's pretty easy to shop for.

my mother--season one of All Creatures Great and Small

mother's husband--a pliers that switches from needlenosed to regular. He likes clever tool gadgets.

cats--a new scratching thing and a toy pink mouse to replace the one they tore apart. Onslow loves pink mousies.
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I gave my wife a new dog. I also gave her a Swarovski crystal piece. It's a heart shaped silver rim that has about 30 red crystals that catch the light.

My son and daughter-in-law got a digital camera from us.

I also gave my wife an antique Toby jug. 25 points to any Scroller who knows what that is.
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I gave Rachel a bunch of books that she's been wanting. She's a huge reader. She seemed surprised when she opened them so that made me VERY happy. I got her a couple video games....Gun and We love Katamari...a hooded sweatshirt...jammy shirts...this awesome cologne that she wears....Lucky. Big Grin

Our cats got more little toys than they know what to do with. Spoiled brats. Razz Big Grin

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I know i mentioned this in the other thread but...i got John a dvd of 5 christmas specials, a dvd of a cartoon Tom Sawyer and a stuffed Santa. Also...earlier in the season I bought a great drawing of the two of us that we posed for this past december. This woman who drew us(it only took her about three hours) really captured us and our mood, and so I just had to have this drawing.Smile I bought it and presented it to John for an early present...he of course was, all we need is a frame.Razz

The rest of my family and friends, including my upstairs neighbor, got a homemade cd with both John and I singing on it. It came out really nice....gotta love good recording equipment!Big Grin I also sent a couple mp3's of those songs to two friends of ours who live far away so we only communicate via internet. They really loved them and loved our voices so that was nice.Smile

(sigh) Good holiday.Smile I don't want it to end.

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~~Johnny Depp.

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Xena Fairy... I love LUCKY. I wear it all the time!!! Enough about me...what good gifts did I give... Hmmm...

I think the best reaction, by far, was from the light up dress shoes I got for my sis. Yeah, I said light up. They're clear jelly type, high heels with lights in the heels. She loves them. Everything else was pretty good, but nothing spectacular. That was the only gift that elicited a cream.
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