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Do you love or hate Elvis?

Do you have a favourite Elvis song?

I've just been loading his Greatest Hits on to my trusty iPod and I realised that he's not my favourite artist, but I really like some of his songs.

One that springs to mind is Suspicious Minds. I love that this number is so upbeat, yet the subject is really quite painful.

I have also liked the recent Elvis remixes, A Little Less Conversation and Rubbernecking. They make me tap my feet. Smile


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I heard a recording of Elvis doing Fever a few months ago on our local station's Big Band Saturday night. It sent chills through me. The man was gifted.

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Scroll Desperado
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I always liked Elvis, even seen him in concert many many moons ago. Or was that in Burger King that i saw him lately?

Favorite Elvis songs- "King of the Whole Wide World" is the top one. Also like "Burning Love" (it's so cheesey it's cool), "Suspicious Minds", "Devil In Disguise" and most of those early Sun label tunes.

I tried talking mama xc into buying a velvet Elvis painting just to see if she would go for it. She gave me the look like 'has your mind left the building?'

And "Little Sister", another favorite Elvis song.
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"Polk Salad Annie" is pretty cool.Smile I love "Fools Rush In"--it's a classic. I would love to hear my husband sing that if he'd ever dare. I love "Suspicious Minds;" very passionate, and "Follow that Dream" is just so sweet! I saw an elvis documentary once and they talked about his breakup with priscilla; well shortly after that he sang "you were always on my mind" someplace--it was beautiful. I never thought much of the song when Willie Nelson sang it but when elvis sang it it was just so beautiful and it rang with feeling--you could hear the heartbreak and the pain in his voice--he was practically in tears singing it.
"Don't be Cruel" and "Jailhouse Rock" are always fun, as is "Heartbreak Hotel" but i love "Viva las Vegas" for it's upbeatness and joy. I wouldn't mind seeing that movie just cuz. I always wished he could have followed thru with his desire to be a serious actor cuz he really wanted to. He wanted to play opposite Barbara Streisand in A Star is Born but he was talked out of it by his manager--that was so crushing to him. Personally i think he would have done a much better job than Kris Kristofferson.
Anyway laters all!Big Grin

"Ultimately, the truth will come out in all of this and I will be standing on the right side of the roaring rapids. I hope other people will be too. I know the truth and if I had to walk away from all of it today, the job, the career, all of it, and go toodle-oo, then fine."

~~Johnny Depp.

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