tell us your faves

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16 February 2006, 06:35 PM
beauTifully tragic
tell us your faves

tina turner

sarah mclachlan




pat benatar

patsy cline

joan armatrading

bon jovi

david bowie

green day

matchbox 20/rob thomas

reo speedwagon

eurythmics/annie lennox

melissa etheridge

melissa ferrick

the same love she gives
she requires

i don't believe in miracles..i never read my horoscope
i don't like strangers touching me..i'm basically a misanthrope
16 February 2006, 07:27 PM
tina turner- "Nutbush City Limits", "River Deep Mountain High", "What's Love Got to Do With It"

sarah mclachlan- "Possession", "Hold On", "Sweet Surrender"

REM- "Fall On Me", "Don't Go Back to Rockville",
"Talk About the Passion" (early REM is killer stuff)

prince- "Little Red Corvette", "Nothing Compares 2 U", "When Doves Cry"

pink- "Get the Party Started"

pat benatar- "Looking for a Stranger", "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", "Fire and Ice"

patsy cline- "Crazy", "Walkin' After Midnight"

joan armatrading- "Love and Affection", "Down to Zero"

bon jovi- "Runaway", "Wanted Dead or Alive"

david bowie- "Young Americans", "Space Oddity", "Fame"

green day- "Longview"

matchbox 20/rob thomas- "Back 2 Good", "Bent", "Mad Season"

reo speedwagon- "Ridin' The Storm Out"

eurythmics/annie lennox- "Sweet Dreams

melissa etheridge- "Come to My Window", "I Want to Come Over", "Similar Features"

melissa ferrick- not enough familiar with her songs to choose
19 February 2006, 08:20 PM
beauTifully tragic
tina turner.. river deep mountain high

sarah mclachlan.. hold on

REM.. everybody hurts

prince.. dirty mind, 1999

pink.. numb, do what u do

pat benatar.. promises in the dark, girl

patsy cline.. sweet dreams, you're stronger than me, crazy

joan armatrading.. the weakness in me

bon jovi.. wanted dead of alive, runaway, blaze of glory

david bowie.. heroes, china girl, golden years

green day.. american idiot, give me novacaine, minority

matchbox 20.. if you're gone, bent, be of lies, leave, push, bright lights, unwell

rob thomas.. ever the same, something to be, this is how a heart breaks

reo speedwagon.. keep on loving you; that ain't love, don't let him go, time for me to fly, one lonely night, tough guys

eurythmics.. sweet dreams, here comes the rain again, who's that girl?, sisters are doing it for themselves, would i lie to you,

annie lennox.. walking on broken glass, little bird

melissa etheridge.. you can sleep while i drive, enough of me, secret agent, like the way i do, bring me some water, i'm the only one, silent legacy

melissa ferrick.. i will arrive, it's alright, everything i need, don't say goodbye, freedom, drive, hold on, some kind of nerve, this is love, welcome to my life, one night stand, mercy

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the same love she gives
she requires

i don't believe in miracles..i never read my horoscope
i don't like strangers touching me..i'm basically a misanthrope
24 February 2006, 05:38 PM
This is a list of ties for me...Had trouble choosing...

tina turner: River Deep Mountain High & Better Be Good To Me (tie)

sarah mclachlan: Building a Mystery & Good Enough

REM: Fall On Me

prince: I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man or When You Were Mine

pink: Don't Let Me Get Me

pat benatar: Shadows of the Night

patsy cline: Crazy

joan armatrading: The Weakness In Me

bon jovi: Runaway

david bowie: Young Americans & Changes

green day: Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

matchbox 20/rob thomas: Bent

reo speedwagon: Roll With the Changes & Time For Me To Fly

eurythmics/annie lennox: Little Bird

melissa etheridge: Silent Legacy & Occasionally

melissa ferrick: Drive
13 March 2006, 12:25 PM
tina turner: What's Love Got To Do With It?

sarah mclachlan: Arms of the Angels

REM: Everybody Hurts

prince: Kiss

pink: Get This Party Started

pat benatar: Love is a Battlefield

patsy cline: Crazy

joan armatrading: Drop the Pilot

bon jovi: Living on a Prayer

david bowie: Changes

green day: Longview

matchbox 20/rob thomas: Not heaps familiar with their stuff

reo speedwagon: Ditto

eurythmics/annie lennox: Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

melissa etheridge: Bring Me Some Water

melissa ferrick: Dunno of her


13 March 2006, 05:19 PM
tina turner Proud Mary

sarah mclachlan Into the Fire

REM Losing My Religion, Southern Central Rain

prince Nothing Compares 2 U, Kiss, Let's Pretend We're Married

pink Get This Party Started

pat benatar any song that doesn't blow a fuse in the truck trying to play it... Wink

patsy cline I'm Crazy

joan armatrading Me-Myself-I, The Weakness in Me

bon jovi

david bowie Changes...well, all of Hunky Dory really...)

green day

matchbox 20/rob thomas

reo speedwagon Keep On Loving You (more least wretched than favorite...)

eurythmics/annie lennox Love Is a Stranger, No More 'I Love You's'

melissa etheridge Come to My Window, Bing Me Some Water

melissa ferrick Drive


are you sitting on the soap?

sometimes, you just have to say 'what the f...'

31 March 2006, 01:55 PM
tina turner - Simply the Best

sarah mclachlan - Building A Mystery

REM - Shiney Happy People

prince - Darling Nikki

pink - Stop Falling (really hard to choose!)

pat benatar- We Belong to the Night

patsy cline - Crazy

joan armatrading - eh

bon jovi -oh god...Bed of Roses, I'll Be There For You, Bad Medicine, Have a Nice Day...I could go on forever. Big Grin

david bowie - eh

green day - I'm sure there's a song...I just cant remember.

matchbox 20/rob thomas - Real World

reo speedwagon - Can't Fight This Feeling

eurythmics/annie lennox - No More I love You's

melissa etheridge - Giant, If You Want To, I'm the Only many

melissa ferrick - don't recognize the name

My Space

11 April 2006, 05:20 PM
tina turner - The Best

sarah mclachlan - The Path of Thorns

REM - Losing My Religion

prince - Nothing Compares 2 U

pink - Just Like A Pill

pat benatar - All Fired Up

patsy cline - Walkin' After Midnight

joan armatrading ??

bon jovi - Runaway

david bowie - Young Americans

green day - When I Come Around and American Idiot

matchbox 20/rob thomas - Back 2 Good

reo speedwagon - Take It On The Run

eurythmics/annie lennox - Loneliness

melissa etheridge Silent Legacy or The Different

melissa ferrick - The Stranger or Freedom


03 June 2006, 06:51 PM
tina turner Tiny Dancer

sarah mclachlan Building A Mystery

REM Losing My Religion

prince When Doves Cry

pink Stupid Girls (Awesome video! Got the ringtone!)

pat benatar Promises In The Dark/Fire And Ice (tie)

patsy cline Crazy

joan armatrading Confused

bon jovi Runaway (got the 45 when I was 15)

david bowie Under Pressure(with Queen)/ Major Tom/Fashion/Ziggy Stardust/China Girl/Modern Love/Changes

green day American Idiot

matchbox 20/rob thomas Smooth (the one he does solo with Santana...never fell out of love with that song!)

reo speedwagon Take It On The Run/Keep On Lovin' You

eurythmics/annie lennox Sweet Dreams

melissa etheridge Like The Way I Do/Bring Me Some Water

melissa ferrick Ummm...dunno who that is. Big Grin