Dubstep and Grime

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13 January 2007, 03:03 PM
Dubstep and Grime
Any other fans here of dubstep & grime? If so, what you like?

i picked up a couple Science Faction v/a comps of dubstep and grime music, both which are excellent. The dubstep comp tracklist is-

1.Brown - Scuba
2.Qawwali - Pinch
3.Wormsign - Gravious
4.Cyclops - Distance
5.Progression - Hatcha & Benga
6.Gamma - Luke.Envoy
7.Punisher - Pinch
8.Twista - Scuba
9.Killing Floor - Vex'd
10.Harpoon - Scuba
11.Candyfloss - Search & Destroy (Loefah remix)
12.Traffic - Distance
13.Nomad - Distance (Scuba Re-Edit)
14.Devil Boy - Mark One
15.Twitchy Droid Leg - Sileni (Vex'd remix)

Benga is probably my favorite dubstep artist.

i'm still exploring grime (no, not the grime between my toenails). Here's the Wiki defination of grime:

"Grime is a sub-genre of urban music which first emerged in London in the early 2000s, primarily a development of UK garage drum and bass, punk and hip hop. The music is typified by sparse and minimalist 2step breakbeats, generally around 130-140 beats per minute, and an aggressive and fast rapping style - often in double time. The lyrics and music combine futuristic electronic elements; and dark, guttural, growling bass lines. In contrast to its more soulful predecessors in breakbeat music, grime features MCs as opposed to singers and has jettisoned the R&B influences of earlier UK garage in favour of brutal beats. Due to its experimental nature and diverse stylistic influences, artists involved in the grime scene initially resisted attempts to classify or pigeonhole the style, resulting in a range of different labels, including sublow, 8bar, nu shape and eskibeat. Grime is sometimes associated with dubstep, a similar but largely instrumental genre which also evolved from the early 2000s UK garage scene."

Ya got that? Dubstep is much more instrumental than grime, maybe that's why i like it best. Still, i need to explore it more. That's what new music is for, eh, exploration.

Sub FM is a great net radio for exploring these and other new sounds. Boomkat sells a lot of this type music though it's probably cheaper hunting it down on amazon (or the marketplace), or ebay. These are the next natural steps up from electronica, hip-hop and trip-hop. It's nice that most of it is still in an underground scene, though i hope the albums become more easy to purchase.
09 May 2008, 10:09 PM
Dubstep has arrived. xc predicted it first on Jan 13, 2007.

Benga is big time-

Benga myspace

then there is Burial (not to be confuzzled with xc burying his stoopid neighbors in backyard), came out late last year-

Burial myspace

yeah, not much at Burial hisspace but RUN don't walk to yer record shop and buy Benga & Burial & enjoy the rhythmic beats!