80s Faves

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04 April 2006, 03:00 AM
80s Faves
My apologies if any of these artists have already been covered.

Remember when the synthesizer was king? I know ya do. Let's go back and recall our favourite tracks of those times.

Billy Joel:

Billy Idol:

Paula Abdul:

Spandau Ballet:


Duran Duran:

Culture Club:

The Clash:



Elton John:

Kim Wilde:

Simple Minds:

Kate Bush:

Cyndi Lauper:

The Bangles:

Bruce Springsteen:

Favourite 80s One Hit Wonder:


04 April 2006, 05:58 PM
Oooo must come back and do this one tomorrow.


06 April 2006, 08:13 PM
Billy Joel: "You May Be Right", "It's Still Rock & Roll to Me", "She's Right on Time", "Careless Talk", "Leave a Tender Moment Alone"

Billy Idol: "White Wedding", "Rebel Yell"

Paula Abdul: no faves but she's nice eye candy

Spandau Ballet: "True" (used greatly in the "Wedding Singer")

Madness: "Our House" (tired of it quickly due to early days of MTV)

Duran Duran: "Girls on Film", "Hungry Like the Wolf", "Notorious", "Rio" (this is a band i think whose music has aged well)

Culture Club: never cared for their stuff

The Clash: "Should I Stay or Should I Go", "Rock the Casbah" (i thought their best stuff was in the 70s)

Bananarama: "Venus"

Eurythmics: "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)", "Would I Lie to You?"

Elton John: "Blue Eyes", "I'm Still Standing", "I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues" (i thought his 80s stuff was spotty, or rather, there were better album cuts than hits, though "I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues" was a pretty good comeback)

Kim Wilde: i have one Kim Wilde album but i remember nada bout her except she was a babe.

Simple Minds: "Don't You (Forget About Me)"

Kate Bush: the only Kate Bush song i like is "Wuthering Heights" which i loves but that's a 1977 song.

Cyndi Lauper: "Time After Time", "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"

The Bangles: "Going Down to Liverpool", "Manic Monday", "Walking Down Your Street", "Walk Like an Egyptian", "If She Knew What She Wants", "Following", "September Gurls", "In Your Room", "Eternal Flame", "Be With You", "Want You"

Bruce Springsteen: "Sherry Darling", "The River", "Stolen Car", "I'm a Rocker", "Hungry Heart", "Atlantic City" (The Band does this better than the Boss), "Downbound Train", "Dancing in the Dark", "Cover Me", "Tunnel of Love", "One Step Up", "Shut Out the Light" (the b-side to "Born in the USA" single- this song should have been the hit- best anti-war song of the Ronald Raygun era)

Favourite 80s One Hit Wonder: Modern English's "I Melt With You" and from the movie Streets of Fire, Fire Inc's "Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young" and the Bluebell's "Cath".
06 April 2006, 08:35 PM
As for music in the 80s itself, i spent my time mostly in the fringe genres. The Paisley Underground (the Bangles started here as the Bangs). The 2nd Wave of Surf. The Garage Rock Revival. The New Psychedelia. Rockabilly. The New Wave of Heavy Metal Music. Pub Rock Revival. Swamp Rock.

i tended to shy away from music with synths in them. i guess nowadays it's all good in a nostalgic way. Did anyone else here listen to Dream Syndicate and Green On Red back in them days? Or the Hoodoo Gurus and the Triffids? Or REM when they were on a small label & releasing 45 RPMs? Before the internet when word of mouth pushed the indie artists of the day, it was a more exciting way to learn about new music though more difficult in tracking down them imports.

ah well...
07 April 2006, 12:21 AM
To clarify, can we pick just ONE track from each of these artists?


07 April 2006, 11:26 AM
Billy Joel:
You May Be Right, Big Shot, Allentown....I love me some Billy Joel

Billy Idol:
White Wedding, Cradle of Love (I think that was a 90's hit though)

Paula Abdul:
Forever Your Girl

Spandau Ballet:

Our House

Duran Duran:

Culture Club:
Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

The Clash:
Should I Stay or Should I Go


Here Comes the Rain Again

Elton John:
The Bitch is Back

Kim Wilde:

Simple Minds:
Don't You Forget About Me

Kate Bush:

Cyndi Lauper:
True Colors

The Bangles:
Manic Monday, In Your Room

Bruce Springsteen:
Born in the USA

Favourite 80s One Hit Wonder:
"99 Red Balloons" by Nena

My Space

07 April 2006, 11:44 AM
Originally posted by xenacrazed:

Favourite 80s One Hit Wonder: Modern English's "I Melt With You" and from the movie Streets of Fire, Fire Inc's "Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young" and the Bluebell's "Cath".

I got a dream 'bout an angel on the beach and the perfect waves are startin' to come
His hair is flyin' out in ribons of gold and his touch has got the power to stun

I've got a dream 'bout and angel in the forest enchanted by the edge of a lake
His body's glowing in the jewels alive and the earth below is startin' to shake

Damn XC I love that song. I've even posted the lyrics here before (just went back and found them in subtext from March 05)! Holly Sherwood did the vocals for that and Nowhere Fast. That was a frickin' awesome soundtrack with Ry Cooder, The Fixx, and even Stevie Nicks doing backgroung vocals for Marilyn Martin. Funny, the one song that was a huge hit is my least favorite on the soundtrack, I Can Dream About You.

Sorry for that little side trip down memory lane. blush

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09 April 2006, 12:36 AM
i wasn't even sure if anyone would know that song, Shawn! i don't think i ever saw the movie all the way through, my favorite part was Diane Lane "singing" that song. Same deal with "Eddie and the Cruisers", never saw all of it but really loved the soundtrack.
03 June 2006, 07:07 PM
Billy Joel Just A Fantasy (Glass Houses...excellent album. Big Grin)

Billy Idol Flesh For Fantasy/ Rebel Yell

Paula Abdul Straight Up

Spandau Ballet Gold (I had that tape. blush )

Madness One Step Beyond

Duran Duran Union Of The Snake

Culture Club Time (I used to looooove to draw Boy well as Madonna and Cyndi Lauper Smile )

The Clash Rock The Casbah, baby!!! Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Bananarama Cruel Summer

Eurythmics Here Comes The Rain Again (forgot that one in Tam's

Elton John Nobody Wins, from The Fox album

Kim Wilde Kids Of America

Simple Minds Don't You Forget About Me

Kate Bush Eh?

Cyndi Lauper Time After Time/Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The Bangles Hazy Shade Of Winter

Bruce Springsteen Dancing In The Dark

Favourite 80s One Hit WonderHarden My
Heart by Quarterflash and Why Me by Planet P

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04 June 2006, 07:08 PM
Billy Joel: Vienna

Billy Idol: Dancing With Myself

Paula Abdul: Forever Your Girl

Spandau Ballet: errr, I guess True

Madness: Our House

Duran Duran: Girls On Film

Culture Club: Victims

The Clash: London Calling

Bananarama: More More More

Eurythmics: Missionary Man

Elton John: Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters & Tiny Dancer (tie) Although I think those were both from his 70s albums. If you want 80's then I'm Still Standin'

Kim Wilde: Kids In America

Simple Minds: Don't You (Forget About Me)

Kate Bush: This Woman's Work

Cyndi Lauper: When You Were Mine or maybe 911

The Bangles: If She Knew What She Wants

Bruce Springsteen: Thunder Road

Favourite 80s One Hit Wonder: Scandal- The Warrior is the first one that comes to mind but I am sure that there are more that I like better
07 June 2006, 11:58 PM
Billy Joel: piano man (was that the 80s?)

Billy Idol: white wedding

Paula Abdul: oh.. something about oppisites attracting, or was that someone else..?

Spandau Ballet: ...?

Madness: it must be love (i think they sang that)

Duran Duran: hungry like the wolf

Culture Club: karma chameleon (but i do love "do you really want to hurt me" as seen in "the wedding singer" Big Grin)

The Clash: should i stay or should i go

Bananarama: venus

Eurythmics: sweet dreams

Elton John: not sure about the 80s, but can you feel the love tonight
*after reading xc's post* is "blue eyes" the song that ewan mcgregor sings in mulan rouge? if so, that.

Kim Wilde: um... i like bette davis eyes by kim karn(sp?)...?

Simple Minds: don't you forget about me (lol, good thing i went looking back through everyones' posts - for some reason i was thinking of talking heads Razz)

Kate Bush: -

Cyndi Lauper: true colours

The Bangles: eternal flame

Bruce Springsteen: dancing in the dark

Favourite 80s One Hit Wonder: soft cell - tainted love, followed closely by ah-ha - take on me: best. film-clip. ever. Smile

(apologies if these guys had more than one hit, but tv told me they didn't)

12 October 2015, 01:16 PM
Jefferson Starship - We Built This City

Smile Smile