Argy's Christmas Message

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25 December 2006, 11:43 PM
Argy's Christmas Message
Another year has rolled around and brought all the joys and sorrows that one can expect from a close family like the Scrolls.

It was nice to see some newbies find this little place of Xenite peace. Welcome to everyone who posted for the first time this year.

Smirky was recruited to SubTexas as zoom continued to make the TX Roller Derby gals into her personal love slaves.

Sara and Gabber commenced their life together, in the same state. Ame and Jess danced their way to success. lila997 cheered, Brucy kept us up to date with films, xc broadened our musical knowledge and XF3 enlightened us on the world according to the cappucino machine.

Heitie and Maddie have continued to make the What If thread their own, sharing their journeys with family, friends and Home and Away fantasies as only they can.

Salem disappeared and I got a job.

One hell of a year. Sorry if I've overlooked anyone. It's always the danger when you do this kind of a wrap up (I just remembered that it was another year, another new truck for Shawn!)

What will 2007 bring? None of us knows for sure.

Apart from the fact that we can regale other Scrollers of our ups and downs, knowing that friends across the world can share them in a way that seems to mean more than just words on a screen.

Here's looking forward to another interesting year in Scroller land.

Battle on! (and post and be damned)

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