Xena Movie Premier

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19 April 2005, 09:17 AM
Xena Movie Premier
Hello everyone, Nigel here. Welcome to this night of nights that all Xena fans have been

waiting to see for so long.

Yes, it's all happening here at the Civic Theatre in Auckland.

As you can see, from the marquee, we're at the premier of Prof X's Xena Movie.

Hang on a second, I think ...

... yes, Lucy Lawless and Reneé O'Connor, the stars of the film, have just walked up the red

carpet and entered the foyer of the Civic Theatre.

Let's go over there and see what the two actresses have to say.

Nigel: Lucy, Reneé do you have time for a few questions?

Lucy: Sure we do!

Reneé: We're always happy to talk about our work.

Nigel: Thanks. Before we start I must say that you two look lovely this evening. Now,

Lucy first. Did you find it difficult to slip back into the role of Xena after so long?

Lucy: I thought that I might but, considering the uncertain nature of my character in

this film, it turned out to be relatively easy. I give a lot of credit to the brilliant

script written by Prof X.

Nigel: Reneé, how did you find it to be playing much more than Xena's sidekick in

this movie?

Reneé: It was certainly an interesting change of pace. I got to do much more stunt

work, which I really enjoy.

Nigel: I know that you both have to get going so I've got one final question. Do you

think this movie follows on smoothly from the series of Xena: Warrior Princess?

Lucy: The way that the movie has been written leaves the viewer guessing as to what

happened after the end of the series.

Reneé: But it also answers many of the questions that were raised in the television

version of Xena.

Nigel: Well, I can hear the bell for the curtain call, so I'll let you go. Enjoy the


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