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Argy's Christmas Message
Chief Chesty Forlock
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Another December has rolled around and, once again, I've been reflecting back on the Scrolls over the past twelve months.

I feel that our numbers have been steadily dwindling over the past year, but that has only given the Scrolls a more homely feel. We are turning into a very tight knit community.

Given this it might be expected that no new people would be signing up, but that's not the case. Along with the return of a couple of familiar faces we've been joined by some energetic new Scrollers. Always a welcome addition.

It's now ten years since Xena first aired. That makes for some very long term friendships that have been built via this place.

The Scrolls have shown strong rekindled interest in all things Xena this year due to Discord Man's videos and XF3's Xena Episode Club. The recently formed Buffy Episode Watching Club has likewise kept movement happening in the Warrior Women category.

Unfortunately the Charmed forum needed to be closed this year but the Reality Shows forum which replaced it has received a lot of healthy interest.

The "What If" thread is still going as strong as ever. It has taken on the flavour of a central square where people can meet, hang out and chat about their lives.

After Eve swallowed all posts made on 23 May (my birthday, thanks alot Eve) we made the switch to Groupee with minimal fuss. Most people seem to have been able to easily log back in and we momentarily saw the return of some past Scrollers.

The new awards for posting seem to have been evenly shared around, showing that it isn't the same old people who have kept things ticking over.

It's also been a creative year for the Scrolls. SmirkMorgan and Sara brought out the literary side of many Scrollers with their Pen Pals game. Prof X was able to debut his online movie with great fanfare. And a few Scrollers took on the challenge of writing their first novel.

Once again, thanks to everyone who posted over the past twelve months. Each time you throw something out for other Scrollers to read, it makes this place come alive.

Thanks to all the Scroll Guardians for continuing to keep forums in order, especially our newest moderator, SmirkMorgan. I've been impressed with the level of discussion between Guardians this year and the speed with which they have tackled issues. Bravo!

Lastly, thanks to all Scrollers for another great year. I'm continually blown away by the quality of people who call this place their online home. May your Christmas be a time of reflection and your New Year bring you affection.

Love Argy 2005

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