ALL SCROLLERS: Overuse of bandwidth

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18 August 2005, 11:26 AM
ALL SCROLLERS: Overuse of bandwidth
I was just sent this from Infopop, on 16 August:
This is an automated message notifying The Daily Scroll that 83.3887% of his/
her bandwidth and 27.8% of his/her allocated disk space has been used up.

It is estimated, at the current rate of use, that the account bandwidth will be
used up in 3.19 days, at which time the account may be charged overage for bandwidth or disc space useage.

Our overage charges are $5.00 for each gigabyte of bandwidth used over quota and $0.20 for each MB of disc space useage over quota.

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I'm not sure why this happened. The only thing I can think of is people going over the 20K limit in their sigs, or loading up large pics using the photo option.

Could everyone please check that their sigs total no more than 20K, and NOT load any large photos on to the Scrolls for a while?

Thanks. Smile