Argy's Christmas Message

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24 December 2004, 01:57 AM
Argy's Christmas Message
Just like the Queen, it's time for my annual Christmas message to all Scrollers.

Once again, I've been reflecting back on the Scrolls over the past twelve months.

It's been another fun year due to ongoing support from so many regulars. Quite an achievement considering that Xena has been off the air for three years.

The new Games forum has been chugging along nicely this year, helped by the gaming fever that broke out among some Scrollers. Not to mention a few people's Pokemon addictions.

The "What If" thread is still going strong, being joined by a couple of similar offerings.

Scroller get togethers have been a popular activity in 2004. The photos posted as a result have let everyone share the fun.

It's been great to see some familiar faces return this year, as well as some keen new Scrollers.

The new Eve software seems to be working better than the old UBB.x version, making the Scrolls run a lot faster.

Scrollers involved with writing Xena limericks saw their work posted on Whoosh! this year, which let the wider Xenaverse know a little of what we have been up to.

Thanks to those who have posted over the past twelve months. Each time you throw something out for other Scrollers to read, it makes this place come alive.

Thanks to all the Scroll Guardians for continuing to keep forums from getting too cluttered.

Lastly, thanks all for another great year. I'm continually blown away by the quality of people who find their way here and stick around. May your Christmas be a time of giving and forgiving and your New Year be full of growth.

Love Argy 2004