What happened on 23 May

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25 May 2005, 08:51 AM
What happened on 23 May
A message from Infopop:

Last night, while performing routine maintenance, the machine on
which you are hosted suffered a hardware failure. We immediately
began swapping the necessary hardware to restore the machine.
Unfortunately all the hard drives in the machine were corrupted
beyond our immediate repair. As such, we restored the machine to a
backup from previous day (May 23 at 00:00 PT).

We are currently working with our vendor to see if we can restore the
data on the corrupted hard drives, but if we do we will be unable to
merge that with what is live now. However, we can give you access to
the data if there is data you need to extract from the corrupted
backup. Again, at this point, we don't know if we can even get data
from the corrupted drives.

We will notify you once we know the status of the data from the
corrupted drives.

We apologize for the loss of data associated with this hardware failure.

David Dreezer

VP, Web Services Manager
Infopop Corporation