Apology from Infopop

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27 May 2005, 03:19 AM
Apology from Infopop
I just received this email from Infopop:
As you are aware, your server suffered a mechanical failure a few
nights ago. As I explained in my prior email, we restored the server
to the prior evening's backup (the 22nd), as backup for that night
(the 23rd) had not yet completed at the time of the failure. We have
been working with our vendor in an attempt to retrieve the data that
was written between the completed backup and the hardware failure.
This afternoon, our vendor informed us that, due to the damage
suffered by the equipment, the data is irretrievable.

We realize that crediting your account does not restore the lost
data, but we'd like to offer you a credit in the amount of 10% of
your monthly service. This credit will be applied to your next
monthly bill (June service).

Please accept our apologies. If you have any questions, please
submit a support ticket, here:

Thank you,
David Dreezer

VP, Web Services Manager
Infopop Corporation