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Ficters Challenge 1
Chief Chesty Forlock
Picture of Argeaux
posted August 06, 2001 09:59 AM


OK, time for a new poetry challenge.

What you have to do is write one poem in only 5 minutes (time yourself) and one in half an hour - NOT LESS THAN HALF AN HOUR, YOU MUST USE UP THE FULL HALF HOUR.

Post them both here, one below each other IN THE SAME POST, the 5 minute one first.

The theme for your poems is Friends.

You can write in any style you choose.

You can use the time for the half hour poem to edit - you don't have to use it just for writing.

Good luck!



5 min:

to so many i have known,
from many places hailing,
the friendship i have shown
has often seen me failing.

but on this thought rely,
if among then you may count,
i'll never you deny
when your troubles start to mount.


newly returned from our playtime
i settle here to write of us
of the time we pass
sharing our passions--
gladiators old and new,
real and fantastic--
and always,

the endlessly rewound tv redux--
something new every time
that we both see at once--
the instant replay touchdown
that becomes history
in the moment's competion--
past and present,

it seems i've always known you
and yet it's but a year
since we stumbled both
onto this special playground
destined as friends,
bound by laughter,
new yet old,



*smirk* Alright, Argy, I took you up on your challenge...and a challenge it was, considering my poems usually take me an hour or more to write. *laughs* Imagine my panic with the 5 minute challenge. [Big Grin] LOL, but I think you'll be able to notice it was written in 5 mins...The 30 min one was a bit easier for me, but still a bit difficult with trying to think of something to write and all...but so, yes, here we go- disclaimer finished. [Wink]


"Finding You"

It's taken me awhile
To find the friendships that are worthwhile
But I'm glad I've stumbled upon you
For I'd wondered if my second chances were through.

Happiness abounds
In this honesty I've found
How you're never afraid to tell me I'm wrong
How you make my weak into a steady strong.

Never leave me alone
For in our growing friendship, we've shown
That life is better with a companion by your side
When two worlds fuse together and collide.

[/i]--8/6/01 Copyright Keri S. (Gabber) [/b]

"I Love You"

I love you...
For the way you know when I need your hand
How you stand by the side, waiting for me to call,
And each time you answer my cry
Ready to dry my tears through it all.

I love you...
For the way you'll take me into your arms
And hold me close, even though it's not a thing you'd do,
But because you know it's something I long for
You let yourself long for it, too.

I love you...
For the way you can make me laugh till dawn
How you encourage the child in me to come out and play
To giggle, to be wide-eyed and innocent,
Knowing that pushing you on this swing is okay.

I love you...
For the woman you inspire me to be
How you readily uplift me with a few words and aknowing smile
Helping me realize there's so much left for me to do
And that it doesn't matter if it takes me a little while.

I love you...
For these reasons and so many more
For the way I've found in you someone who will be there till the end-
Someone I treasure more than you could know-
For no one can count the endless gift of an unexpected friend.

--8/6/01 Copyright Keri S. (Gabber)


The Xenatizer

Ok, here's the one from the hip:


Shadows getting tighter with every step
Questions getting louder with every moment

What's beyond the next fall?
Will there be *splat* or what at the bottom?

Can't carry myself all day
Can't numb myself all the way

Need a heart to heal me from knowledge
Need a hand to stroke me when I'm cold

Need a voice to sing my fear to laughter
>Need a friend to show me and believe...

... in wings that can't burn...
...that we can fly


4 Min. 58 Sec.

[Big Grin]

The Xenatizer

... and here's proof that half an hour can be a terribly short time:


There's a sparkle in my hand
It protects me from my echo
There's a thorn hidden in the sand
which pricks me when my steps grow slow

Rhondo Amigo
Dances along the ache to flow... together

There's a chill in my blood
It reminds me of my limit
There's a dread before the flood
which lets me die before I feel it

Rhondo Amigo
Un-clenches our fists to grow... together

There's a smile up our sleeve
It eats away the shadows on our fears
There's a little chain which cannot grieve
On closer look it's a chain of tears

Rhondo Amigo
Lets the sun forge chains from El Dorado

Rhondo Amigo
Turns chains to songs of where to go... together


27 Minutes
Close shave again [Wink]

Sorry, forgot to put'em in the same post. If that disqualifies me, I won't sue. [Wink]
That being said..., WHY do they have to be in the same post?

The Xenatizer



I said to put 'em in the same post because otherwise I feared a slew of the five minute poems, never to be followed up by the half hour ones.

Also, I thought it would be fun to compare poems by the same poet, written in different spaces of time.


snowy racoon

I sit here alone viewing the world from my computer, a digital menagerie of light
The words of my green buddies flicker with emotion and delight
I peer into the depths of my little HAL speaking loudly into the mic
To emulate my tempers you carry me through this respite
Alone I sit in the shadow of life
Know it is with you I would rather be with this night.


Our times are the memories
Of pleasures soft and wicked
A loyalty in arms
This crazy little trinket

Footfalls in step
Hopes in each other
Eyes on the world
Our victories lie together

In the paths we still linger
My angst lay to wither
For these meetings do reprieve
From the gargoyles I still see

Some are now lost
Others we have gained
Some we still try
Others we now shy

Right to the end
You';re still my friends
For as far as I can throw you
In this crazy little town



5 minutes with you

A hug
A hug and kiss
You stroke my hair ...
Still part of me
Feels it's amiss
We're just good friends
We CAN'T do this


Two Halves Of A Life Time

We rolled on the lawn
Sparkling and crowing
Knotted together like wool

I took the darkness inside me
It cooled my veins
Drew me into dead calm
Beckoning like an old woman
"Follow me"
My child

It's shadow promised me tomorrow
Scented dawn

When my eyes finally opened
I saw mildew
Felt the chill of now
Smelt dank must
Tasted the sourness of deception

You looked at me
Through a glass darkly
"We are but stuff as dreams are made of"
Mirroring my exhaustion
Turning and striding away
Your greater purpose calling

I slumped in my undoing
Hungering for more
Belly aching
Nose running
Veins throbbing
Throat and eyes parched
Begging for my salvation

I thought I saw it once
Blunt but full
Sweet yet sticky
Liquid forgetfulness

It turned out to be nothing
At all

Wool filled my head
Grass in my veins
Two friends
Sharing easier times

Yet though I was in prison
Of my own making
You didn't comfort me
Your judgement adding shame

I wept

To swim through fog
You need an instructor
One to guide you
Somebody who knows
Has been there
Emerged dripping
On the other side

You walked in the light
Where choirs of angels sang
In perenial rest
With faith and hope
Plus the greatest of these

If I spot you
Strolling on some arm
Throwing back your head
Turning pale at my sight
All I can say is this;
"I've found a new friend"
You will assume
It is my dark lover
Mystery to you
Madness to me

Your new friends will console
"You did all you could"
Kindness is cruel
The bottom smacked me
As I hit it
Only I felt the clunk

I won't forget
Striking out against the murkiness
Breathing without lungs
Fighting the familiar current
Gasping and struggling
Making headway
Almost on my own
With only a small beacon
Distant on the horizon

I finally learnt the lonely lesson
My friend is me

Argeaux (c) 2001



I'm wanting to reply to these poems, so you know, do NOT mind me, I'm just gonna do my little babble thing which will be so obviously not a poem, so yes yes, *cough*, shutting up and replying.

eyezoom -- I loved that...especially your second one. You've really got quite a talent there, so it's wonderful to see you post something on here. I especially loved these last lines:
"destined as friends,
bound by laughter,
new yet old,

That's exactly how it is with those lasting friends -- the ones you know will be here for a long time to come, where there's a powerful bond. And you really phrased it wonderfully there, loved it. Thanks for sharing.

The Xenatizer -- *laughs* You too! It's great to see something from you -- and I absolutely loved both of these...and for a 5 min poem? Dang, you kick some butt there. I know I'm impressed. From that one, these were my favorite lines:
"Need a heart to heal me from knowledge"
"Need a voice to sing my fear to laughter"

and especially this one:
"... in wings that can't burn..."
I just loved the image the last line provoked...(or didn't provoke). The whole idea of wings burning was a peculiar one, and I loved that...even though I realize they weren't supposed to be burning, but you know what I mean. As for "Rhondo"...don't ask me to pick a favorite line... I can't do it! That poem is just fact I'm thinking of printing it out and keeping it (if it's okay with you), there's just something I really love about it...Thanks for sharing these ones!

Snowy -- "Know it is with you I would rather be with this night." That line is great -- it just love it- love the way it sounds. As for your second poem, there was just something in the first stanza that just...well, it was a beautiful use of words, I think personally:
"Our times are the memories
Of pleasures soft and wicked
A loyalty in arms
This crazy little trinket"

I just loved the way that flowed together. Can't pick out exactly why, but just know I did. Thanks for sharing with us.

Argy -- *has to grin* That 5 min one of yours is just cool. Very cool, m'friend. As for the second one... I loved it. I really did. There's a storytelling quality to it almost...but so much more behind the words. I can't explain it, but there's just something about it that really caught my eye. I loved these lines:
"Yet though I was in prison
Of my own making
You didn't comfort me
Your judgement adding shame

I wept"

That just....was so right on. So right on... The next stanza also entranced me -- just the beauty of it:
"To swim through fog
You need an instructor
One to guide you
Somebody who knows
Has been there
Emerged dripping
On the other side"

That really did provoke the images, and I just really love that -- swimming through fog, and needing an instructor...great metaphors there. Really beautiful, Argy, truly. ...
"I finally learnt the lonely lesson
My friend is me"

*sigh* I hated that lesson...lonely one it truly was. Thank you for sharing, honey, I appreciate it.

...she who is finally shutting up [Big Grin]
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