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Angel 5.17 (April 14, 2004) - SPOILERS!
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After a five week hiatus, I was starting to get the shakes and have night sweats. Sadly, last nights episode was one of only six remaining new episodes. Overall, a good episode. I was shocked to see that during hiatus, ME has revamped the opening credits. There's now one shot of Fred for Amy Acker and the rest are Illyria. Also, Mercedes McNab has been added to the opening credits as a series regular.

On to the good things:
  • The Wesley/Illyria dynamic. I don't know why it intrigues me so, but it does. Not to mention that apparently Wesley got drunk and called Illyria a "smurf." Ha!

  • Lindsey's suburban hell. For whatever reason, it just made me laugh.

  • Eve, Harmony, and Lorne screaming as Hamilton punched straight through the W&H security guard.

Things I wasn't so keen on:
  • Gunn's "oh, woes me" attitude. Nobody likes a whiner.

  • Eve. I just don't like her. Still haven't been able to figure out why though. Hopefully, she'll go away now.
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i didn't realize it was on and stumbled upon it five minutes in

ditto to all above
very interested to see where they're going with wesley and illyria in the few episodes left

eve lets her replacement guy kill people just b/c he was going to replace her? okay now she's mortal.. i don't feel sorry for her

how will they save gunn?
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eve, harmony and lorne screaming was hilarious Smile

i feel sorry for that nice bar-tending guy. i don't know about him, but i want to know whether lorne's prediction of him getting married was true or if lorne was just saying it because it's what he wanted to hear Frown. poor lorne, he's so disheartened.

hooray! i got my wish! lindsey's back Big Grin!! for how long, i don't know, but it's always nice to see him Smile

i didn't quite understand the subburban hell. it all seemed very weird to me. and spike getting shot in the back looked really REALLY painful Frown. hehe, it's always cute when the vamps think they're on fire Razz

i'm not sure i'm in love with illyria just yet. i think i need to get used to her way of talking. she certainly is intriguing and i enjoy how wes seems to be matching her logic and keeping her grounded. i'm indifferent about gunn at this point in time. *tries hard not to draw a slight parallel between him and the wesley/connor incident...slight*

i didn't notice harmony in the opening credits but i'm glad to see she's there. i love harm, she's so cool. even when she was human she was a sheepish, docile, vacuous kind of way.

harmony:"I'm not a sheep Frown"
SmileRazzBig Grin

this episode was pretty ok by me. i hope the remaining ones stay on the same track of pure angelly goodness.

*is pissed that she didn't tape the first few minutes of spike and angel...and possibly harmony*


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