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Epsiode = Pangs From Season 4

One Word/Catch Phrase: Let's here ONE word (or Catch Phrase) that best desribes the episode. If you go creative and abstract, that's awesome... just say why

Fav. Scene: Give us one or two scenes that really stick out in your mind.

Dislikes: Did anythink tick you off or you didn't like SO much ?

Out of the norm : Did anything happen that was not normal ? (i.e. different credits, different "mutant enemy" icon, or breaking of the fourth wall)

Picture It : Tell us an image that made you gasp/laugh. . . What was it, and how did it make you feel ?

In Addition : This is space for you if yoiu have anything else to add or say about the episode.

Happy Watching !!
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One Word/ Catch Phrase: Who's REALLY P.C. - - - So "We" (as Americans) Destroyed and Conquered, and now an "Native American" (Indian) Spirit wants to give back what was dealt to his "people"... What side are you on ?

Fave Scene : Would have to be at the end of the day, neutered Spike and the gang are eating Turkey Dinner and Xander brings up that Angel was around ... and Buffy didn't know... They all look to Buffy ('the camera') and it was great...OR When the Indians are attacking Buffy and Giles through the window of Giles Place and Spike is sitting around with three or four arrows through him , since he's tied to a chair... It's Funny Smile

Dislikes : I'm a BIG Angel=Buffy fan and I didn't like that they didn't converse at all... but that's just a personal thing. It makes me sad Frown . . . But it's good for story development.

Out of the norm : Umm...Pretty "normal" I guess - Nothing TOO Shocking other than the Obvious - Spike can't bite and Angel's lurking about.

Picture It : When Spike knocks on the door, buffy answers and he says 'help me' and she pushes him into the sun... I CRACKED up, just looking at Spike's 'condition' and the delivery of his line.. so helpless... it was Awesome !
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One Word/Catch Phrase:
spike: "a bear! you made a bear!"
buffy: "i didn't mean to!"
spike: "undo it! undo it!"

okay, so not one word, but i think this little exchange represents the what the episode is about - somehow having caused a big problem without meaning to, and then making a hasty backpeddle to try and fix it Razz

Fav. Scene:
heh, anything with spike in it. i liked him telling them to get over the indians - "you won!" kinda refreshing to hear from the perspective of an unrepentant killer Smile

Dislikes: nothing really. some of the little struggles in the fight scene seemed a bit...i don't know...staged (of course they ARE, but you don't want it to look like it...). the indian guy's attitude got a bit annoying.

Out of the norm :
well there's angel Razz. that was fun. and the fact that it was a true cross-over ep, with buffy appearing in "angel" also (excellent work, that). and then spike joining the scooby gang, hehe. yay!

Picture It : spike again - i love the look on his face when buffy finds out that angel was there. and him at the window, watching those vampires feeding - classic ^_^.

In Addition : there shoulda been more kick-ass crossovers. and the gang should come to the rescue on bicycles more often Razz

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One Word/Catch Phrase: "Undo it! Undo it!"

Fav. Scene: Spike tied to chair. Gives a girl many naughty ideas... Razz

Dislikes: None really...

Out of the norm : Can't think of any.

Picture It : As been said before, Spike standing outside the window looking at the other vampires feeding. Gotta love that one. Very Charles Dickens that... Wink

In Addition : I really liked the ending of this episode. The look on all the scoobies, and Spike in particular when they all look at Buffy after saying Angel had been there. Wonderful! Big Grin


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