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Once More With Feeling
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Sorry, I've been a bad girl... I haven't posted one of these in awhile...... SORRY !!!!!

One Word/Catch Phrase:Let's here ONE word (or Catch Phrase) that best desribes the episode. If you go creative and abstract, that's awesome... just say why

Fav. Scene:Give us one or two scenes that really stick out in your mind.

Dislikes:Did anythink tick you off or you didn't like SO much ?

Out of the norm : Did anything happen that was not normal ? (i.e. different credits, different "mutant enemy" icon, or breaking of the fourth wall)

Picture It : Tell us an image that made you gasp/laugh. . . What was it, and how did it make you feel ?

In Addition : This is space for you if yoiu have anything else to add or say about the episode.

Big Grin HAPPY WATCHING !! Big Grin
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One Word/Catch Phrase: i'm simply gonna go with "once more, with feeling." i think it's one of the best titles ever. it's got the obvious stage reference with the singing and dancing, but it's also perfect for buffy's life - she's been given the chance to live again, but she's not putting any feeling into it. that title rocks.

Fav. Scene: oh gods. how do you pick just one... i'm going to go with the bit where tara realises that willow put a spell on her, and then she and giles sing to willow and buffy. it's just so moving. plus those two have awesome voices Big Grin

Dislikes: some of the coreography in "rest in peace" was just SO forced. my poor lil james was not comfortable and it showed. *sigh*. also the whole bit where spike brings that odd little puppet boy in and there's that dodgey reveal about dawn and then buffy's a bitch about it - as usual - and blah blah blah... such an obvious low point in an otherwise spectacular episode.

Out of the norm : well there was the singing... and spike and buffy kissed!! Eek. it was nice to have all the ancient evil be the fault of one of the scooby gang, which i don't think had happened for a while. silly xander Razz

Picture It : the look on willow's face with her "mostly filler" line, hehehe. and of course the mustard guy Big Grin

In Addition : this ep was so good they should have released it in theaters! (i think they've had special screenings in some places haven't they?) almost every line was perfect (eg: "i hope she fries! i'm free if that bitch dies! i'd better help her out..." Big Grin), and who knew the whole cast could sing like that! well, except will Razz. "i'm under your spell" SHOULD have been a break-away pop hit damn it!

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