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Let's have fun with the BUFFY Ep. Club!

Here's the Form :

One Word/Catch Phrase: Let's here ONE word (or Catch Phrase) that best desribes the episode. If you go creative and abstract, that's awesome... just say why

Fav. Scene: Give us one or two scenes that really stick out in your mind.

Dislikes: Did anythink tick you off or you didn't like SO much ?

Out of the norm : Did anything happen that was not normal ? (i.e. different credits, different "mutant enemy" icon, or breaking of the fourth wall)

Picture It : Tell us an image that made you gasp/laugh. . . What was it, and how did it make you feel ?

In Addition : This is space for you if yoiu have anything else to add or say about the episode.


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One Word/Catch Phrase: people talk too much without saying anything. in the commentary, joss whedon points out that when people have no speach, they make more of an effort to communicate, but as soon as they get that speach back (eg buffy and riley at the end of the ep) the communication fails.

Fav. Scene: i gots two. one is where giles is explaining everything to them on the projector Smile. the other is where xander comes in and thinks that spike is feeding off anya Big Grin

Dislikes: i wasn't a fan of the straight-jacket freaks, but then, i don't suppose they were there for my "enjoyment".

Out of the norm : giles has a girlfriend Red Face! not that giles ins't great...just a little unexpected, is all. also, no-one can talk. plus tara Smile

Picture It : willow miming the staking and everyone looking at her strangely, hehehe Big Grin

In Addition : i'd like to see any other show pull that non-verbal stunt and get away with it Wink. not just get away with it - have it be one of the best episodes of the series Big Grin

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Ok - I'm not JOCKING her, but damn she said it all SO well...

One Word/Catch Phrase : Nothing is scarier than not being able to speak... This episode is BRILLIANT.

Fav Scene : When Buffy is walking through downtown Sunnydale and there's a broken fire hydrant and everyone is walking around in complete confusion and within the confusion Buffy and Riley Kiss-- The music complimented this scene SO well... It was beautiful.

Dislikes : Nothing really to dislike, other than when the gentlemen's heads blew off... I thought that was gross.

Out of the norm : Do you mean besides NO ONE BEING ABLE TO SPEAK ??? That's not normal !!

Picture It : Spike's face right before Xander tackles him ... Xander thinks Spike bit Anya... It made me laugh Smile

In Addition : I really enjoyed the development of everyones relationships... Willow/Tara, Anya/Xander, Buffy/Riley, Giles/Olivia... It was nice to watch everyone fold in together so well...
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Ah... Hush... One of my favorites... Smile

One Word/Catch Phrase: Brilliant idea.

Fav. Scene: Where Giles is explaining it all with the overhead-thingy. Cracks me up everytime. Smile

Dislikes: Did anythink tick you off or you didn't like SO much ? Idiotic Riley, but what could he do, really? Razz

Out of the norm : Well, no one talked! *grin*

Picture It : The gentlemen in the corridor glidning on... SCARY! And so good!

In Addition : I LOVE IT! I think this episode is abosulutly brilliant!!!!


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