Good movies you've seen recently

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13 August 2016, 12:08 PM
Good movies you've seen recently
"The Witch"

In late 1700s a family in New England village are banned for whatever reason & have to start a home by the woods. Their older hot daughter is watching the baby when the baby gets witch-napped.
Rest of film is family vs witch that they don't really see much or accusing hot daughter of being a witch.
14 August 2016, 10:58 AM
"The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean" (1972)

Paul Newman & a young hot Victoria Principal star in this comedy-western. It was pretty good & had a lotta guest stars. Never did see it til i taped it off TCM.
22 August 2016, 11:07 AM

Jennifer Lawrencecrazed as an inventor of a self-ringing mop. okee. well i luv lookin at my wife but the movie was too long & too disorganized & coulda been tightened up in 90 minutes or less.
24 August 2016, 11:01 AM
"10 Cloverfield Lane"

Mary Elizabeth Winsteadcrazed as a lady who gets in a car wreck then wakes up in a basement as a captive. Real life xc wife stuff, huh? No, there's more to it than that. Great suspense/horror flick!
25 August 2016, 10:56 AM
"The Nice Guys"

Russell Crowe & Ryan Gosling in a buddy film as beat-up guy & private detective. This was ok but often too silly or too cartoonish & might've been better if it had been more serious.
26 August 2016, 05:43 PM
"April and the Extraordinary World"

This may be the best movie i seen this year. It's a French anime film about a steampunk world where scientists are kidnapped around the turn of the 20th century thru the early 1930s. Thus no inventions of electricity & etc are invented. So it's an alt-history thing. A girl whose scientist parents disappear works on a serum that makes ppl invincible. Excellent film, great story, great voice-work & great
artistry. Me like lots!
31 August 2016, 07:51 PM

Brit Marlingcrazed is in this. Some artist is believed dead but he ain't & his art starts selling. Brit is a reporter following the story.
Ok me wife is ultra-hot in this but the story is kinda silly.
02 September 2016, 11:54 PM
"Don't Breathe"

Home robbery against a blind vet goes badly. i saw this at the theatre, it was good but i would have changed the ending.

"At the Earth's Core"

Silly '70s steampunk/adventure/forgotten land type flick. Best part is the luscious Caroline Munro.
24 November 2016, 08:28 PM
"Dr Strange" in 3-D

Excellent! One of the better Marvel movies.
25 November 2016, 08:46 PM
"X-Men: Apocalypse"

Not as good as the recent X-Men movies. Sophie Turner who played Jean Grey is a new xc wife.
17 December 2017, 01:22 PM
"Being There" (1979)

Peter Sellers, Shirley MacLaine. Haven't seen this in ages and forgot that it was a satire with an ambiguous ending. i liked how the conversations in this movie took on double meanings. Really a unique film.
17 December 2017, 05:57 PM
Free Madness
Nick's father works at a movie theater and has been there for many years. This said, one of the many bennies of being Nick's girlfriend includes occasional complimentary passes to movies whenever his dad can get Nick and me in. Everyone knows Nick there, and it's so much fun to walk in on his arm and them waving to me as we go to see whatever movie we're cleared for. Big Grin

This said, I'll probably be reviewing new movies a lot. Don't worry I'll always put spoiler alerts, and hopefully my edits on this here post went thru before xc or anyone else saw this.(had to re-read some stuffage that could possibly be seen as spoilers even tho it said very little about the story. Ah well!) Razz

We did go see a special showing of Edward Scissorhands in Ambler last Thursday night tho...Nick loves that movie too so we had to go. OMG, see I had never seen it on the big screen. I got into Johnny late, so I watched it on DVD, etc. But seeing it on the silver screen was like seeing it for the first time ever. Made it all the more magical and powerful. Incredible masterpiece that whole movie is. Tim Burton is a genius the movie world could not do without!!! <3

Okay onto the latest THOR movie. Two Thumbs Up!!!


Restored my faith in fantasy movies of today. I had been thinking there is so much CGI stuffage and no real human beings doing their own stunts, that it took away from the story and the characters. Oh, there was lotsa CGI biz with Hulk and some other action but overall, the rest was real-looking and held my attention. The characters were Awesome!!!
I loved them all, and laughed hysterically at Jeff Goldblum's character whose name I am blanking on right now.
LOVED that touch with Willy Wonka music playing as Thor was sent into Jeff Goldblum's realm..."Sicar," it sounded like altho I'm prolly spelling it wrong. Razz
Anthony Hopkins as Odin...AWESOME. Loki: HOT. Big Grin


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~~Johnny Depp.

26 December 2017, 11:49 AM
Fantastic Planet (1973)

Animated film from France. Humans are considered pets to the planet's giant blue inhabitants. That is, til they start revolting. Excellent stuff.
06 January 2018, 09:44 AM
A dumb movie. "Patch Town" (2014)

Babies in a Russian town are grown in a cabbage patch and then turned into dolls! So bad that it's bad.
11 January 2018, 12:59 PM
Free Madness


An elderly woman dedicated to fighting demons from other realms relives her childhood when her gift of seeing ghosts and stuff got her in trouble with her father. Her father was a corrections officer and very violent. He hit her and locked her in the basement where she ended up being tricked into letting a demon out of a "red door." Her mother, who believed in her and encouraged her to keep her gift between them, died at the hands of the demon. Now grown up, Elise still blames herself but she has a chance to reconcile with her past when she gets a call from a man who lives at the same house where her childhood nightmare happened.
VERY frickin' scary, and very disturbing. I love stories about the paranormal but man, I had to take a walk outside and clear my head for five minutes. But I went back in at a good time. Scary as it was, I loved it; everything really worked. Insidious is part 3 in a series of movies about the paranormal. Very well acted, well directed, with GREAT special effects!!!

"Ultimately, the truth will come out in all of this and I will be standing on the right side of the roaring rapids. I hope other people will be too. I know the truth and if I had to walk away from all of it today, the job, the career, all of it, and go toodle-oo, then fine."

~~Johnny Depp.

12 January 2018, 12:33 PM
The Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

This was pretty hokey. Whoever played Dr Doom was terribe. The Silver Surfer looked as i imagined he would but should have transformed to Norrin Radd when locked up. Jessica Alba nice eye candy but that's about it.
14 January 2018, 01:13 PM
"A Ghost Story"

V-e-r-y s-l-o-w art house movie about a man and a woman, he dies, comes back as a ghost and stays in the house and/or its location through time, present, past and future. It's a long-about way message film about getting more outta life but they took too long to get the message across with very little happening in-between. There are plenty other films out there that accomplish the same thing in less time and do it much much better.
21 January 2018, 07:06 PM
Been watching some Abbott & Costello movies recently. The ones where they meet Frankenstein, Jekyll & Hyde and the Mummy are pretty good. Or at least good for their day.
28 January 2018, 01:03 PM
"Blade Runner 2049"

The original movie was much better. This one had a decent storyline but they took too long to tell it and added in too much filler that could have easily been edited out. Still worth seeing.
14 February 2018, 08:38 AM
Free Madness

The Greatest Showman

I used to be upset at the Barnum and Bailey circus cuz of the animal abuse I heard about. But...where did Bailey come from??? Razz He prolly came along in later years and corrupted the whole thing. That has nothing to do with this movie tho, which was based on the man who started the whole thing...his life, his dream, his realization: P.T. Barnum.

He worked his way up from nothing to achieve a dream that included his childhood sweetheart, Charity, a rich girl with a repressive family, whom she had no problem leaving to be with her love.

Barnum took people who were labeled "freaks" and created a platform where they could be heroes and stars. It actually came through as a positive message about being a little different and making it known globally that you CAN have the freedom you deserve regardless of social norms. The music was incredible. Hugh Jackman was great, but his co-stars were also incredible: Michelle Williams whom I never forget as Jen from "Dawson's Creek," singing and dancing as Barnum's wife Charity. The bearded lady. The diva Jenny Lind who reminded me a bit of Amber Heard even if she sang an amazing song I can't get tired of. Queen Victoria as a young monarch was HOT even in her one scene. But most touchingly, Zac Ephram's character in love with a beautiful African American/Latino trapeze artist played by Zendaya. How he stood up to his provincial racist that day and age, that was special.

Great feel-good movie that is none like any other. The music, set in a modern genre even with the movie set back in the 20's or something, worked amazingly. Smile

"Ultimately, the truth will come out in all of this and I will be standing on the right side of the roaring rapids. I hope other people will be too. I know the truth and if I had to walk away from all of it today, the job, the career, all of it, and go toodle-oo, then fine."

~~Johnny Depp.

28 February 2018, 11:00 PM
Brucy Braless
I downloaded a movie called Radius {I think its a netflix Item}

Its vaguely a SciFi mystery...I Guess....

I didnt hold out alotta hope for it ...But I rather enjoyed it

Its a slow paced slow reveal sorta thing...


I said Duh!
06 March 2018, 08:16 PM
Free Madness
Watched an oldie-but-goodie today, Pirates of the Carabbean: At World's End.

Really awesome movie, great story. Very heartfelt, altho the action and comedy usually got the most attention. That movie was criticized somewhat for being too long, prolly cuz of all the plot twists and subplots. A lot going on, but in the end, it worked well. Especially Cap't. Jack (SPOILER just in case even tho it's several years old) giving up his ambition to be immortal to keep Will Turner from dying in Elizabeth's arms even if he's cursed to be the captain of the Flying Dutchman...for now. Wink

I would love to see the books I'm writing become movies. I already did the opera versions of them but no one remembers it but those involved. Lol. Oh well. It was fun anyway!!!

Movies are awesome.

"Ultimately, the truth will come out in all of this and I will be standing on the right side of the roaring rapids. I hope other people will be too. I know the truth and if I had to walk away from all of it today, the job, the career, all of it, and go toodle-oo, then fine."

~~Johnny Depp.

07 March 2018, 01:45 AM
Brucy Braless
Some movies listed above that I have seen & loved:

"10 Cloverfield Lane" the 'Twist" made a mediocre movie AWESOME !!!!

"Dr Strange" in 3-D Again AWESOME !!!

"Blade Runner 2049" ...Umm.... Forgettable.....
I totally Cant remember a thing about it...

Thor Ragnarok was damn good but the Ad/Teasers completely took the wind out of it....

I said Duh!
07 March 2018, 01:50 AM
Brucy Braless
I just watched Nat Portman's Annihilation

It was good but not great....

I guess its designed to make you think.....?

But Im fairly smart & have been around Waaaayyy too long...
to have my mind blown by a Hollywood story/movie.

All it makes me think is ...

"Where's the rest of the story?"


PS.. a VERY cliche shot at the very very end.

YaY Verily....

I said Duh!
12 March 2018, 06:27 AM
Free Madness
SPOILER ALERT: Heathers reboot(Trailer)--RANT

What I don't like about movies these days is reboots are done with PC themes just to DO it. There is no real POINT, they just have to do it to be PC. And it makes my stomach turn.

Nick saw the Heathers reboot trailer and when he described it, I didn't even wanna look at it. Apparently...PC barf-bag alert! There is a chubby goth girl playing Heather Chandler and a transgender guy playing one of the other Heathers. I think the other one might be an Asian wearing glasses, but I forget.
Regardless, the question is: WHYYYYYYY just why????

I mean look, the original Heathers was about a horrible clique of girls named, well, Heather...who thrived on bullying "outsiders." That's what bullies in movies do, right? One of the ones they bullied was a chubby girl, and another was a kind of geeky girl who wore glasses. Then there were the geeky guys forced to confess to homosexual tendencies by a pair of beefy jock boys. The Heathers were all white, privileged rich kids and it WORKED because, well many white, privileged rich kids are nasty pieces of work.

And yeah, I get it, the rest of the cast was mostly white too, and we do need to shake that up a bit. I'm not against PC when it makes sense but this reboot just doesn't make sense.

WHY, if they wanna be PC, don't they have a transgender or gay guy as Veronica OR have JD be a girl and have 'em be a lesbian couple??? Why not do it like it's meant to be done, you know, follow the story?? Have the Heathers be whatever race ya wanna make them but DON'T make one of them transgender. That's The point of today's world is to celebrate people for who they are, champion their rights??? Wellll Heathers was about that very thing wasn't it? Yes. So WHY make one of the nasty bullies who wanna assimilate the "outsiders"--a TRANSGENDER???
Jeez louise, PC dweebs! Get a clue while you're trying to make a statement!

Heathers was an iconic movie in 1989, and it really spoke to a lot of kids who needed that message. JD may have been a psycho who thought killing off the bullies was the answer, but Veronica brought a sense of balance to what otherwise would have been a pre-Natural Born Killers type of thing. Heathers is one of my favorite movies of all time. The reboot?

I'll take a pass. smash Razz

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"Ultimately, the truth will come out in all of this and I will be standing on the right side of the roaring rapids. I hope other people will be too. I know the truth and if I had to walk away from all of it today, the job, the career, all of it, and go toodle-oo, then fine."

~~Johnny Depp.